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There has never been a better opportunity, nor more urgent need, for public media organisations to come together and advocate for their shared principles.
The core values of public media journalism underpin informed democracy. These are the values that build and sustain public trust in media.

Media freedom is being eroded worldwide and trust in media is at an unprecedented low. The global media space is dominated by well-funded social media and entertainment brands. Populism is being fuelled by disinformation and misinformation, while media capture [by governments or third-party states] is threatening the independence of national media organisations. With such challenges, there is no better time to advocate for public media, which remains one of the most trusted sources of news and information.

Numerous organisations campaign for media freedom and journalistic rights on an individual basis, but PMA advocates for and promotes PSM because public media is unique in providing a clear national framework for core journalistic values. Yet, at this critical time, public media lacks an effective and coherent global voice.

From political interference and funding constraints to a decline in journalist safety and the rise of digital media giants, the issues facing public media are more globalised than ever before. That’s why our strategy reflects these challenges and as we look to the future, we will continue to adapt it to the contemporary needs of our members.

Public media organisations are often strong brands, both within their own jurisdictions and internationally. Our PSM Weekly newsletter and our Global Call Outs aim to build on that work; to advocate specifically and internationally for the positive role of public media and its value to citizens.

Global Task Force for public media

As an important part of this initiative, PMA established a new industry-led Global Task Force for public media to defend the values and the interests of public media. Chaired by Catherine Tait, President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, the initiative is comprised of eight leaders of major public service media from around the world and was formed to develop a consensus and single, strong voice around the issues and challenges facing public media worldwide.

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Header Image: Image of ABC workers in Sydney protesting following the raid on ABC. Credit: Brendan Esposito/ABC