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Global Task Force

The threat facing Czech TV (Česká Televize)

The Global Task Force for public media is gravely concerned by recent developments in the Czech Republic which risk undermining the independence of Czech TV and its vital role in the country’s…

Groupe de Travail Mondial

La menace qui pèse sur l’avenir du diffuseur public tchèque (Česká Televize)

Le Groupe de travail mondial pour les médias publics est grandement préoccupé par les récents développements en République tchèque qui risquent de miner l’indépendance du diffuseur public tchèque et…

Czech Television

PMA condemns attempts to undermine the independence of Czech TV

The Public Media Alliance endorses statements by the Global Task Force for public media, EBU and MFRR against the politicisation of Czech public broadcaster.

Recent News

Radio days are here to stay

Despite being over a century old, radio has endured despite seismic technological shifts – and that's down to its simplicity and its reach, says the CBA's Sally-Ann Wilson on World Radio Day

South Africa’s bumpy road to digital transition

In the face of a continuing wrangle over control of set-top boxes, will the country's digital switchover make the deadline?

The true cost of broadcasting with public funding: accountability

A Manx tale: The CBA's Sally-Ann Wilson talks about why the funding for a small island's radio station is a big topic

Satellite and internet jamming worsening

Do not adjust your set: a conference highlights the increasing threat of satellite jamming to broadcasters

Gender on the agenda in Malawi

Malawian content producers and NGOs, and their counterparts in Zambia and Botswana explored ways of redressing gender imbalance in TV and radio

PBI 2012 opens in London, Downton style

The Public Broadcasters International conference was held this year in central London

Getting airtime for African women’s voices

A workshop for local content producers and NGOs from Malawi, Zambia and Botswana will start in mid-November. It aims to help broadcasters and organisations redress gender imbalance in TV and radio