In this resource page, we examine how public media organisations can best implement workplace practices and strategies which consider and safeguard the mental wellbeing of their staff. 

There is an inhospitable climate towards public media staff and journalists, both in the online and offline spheres, and it is not getting any better. Under such circumstances, it is imperative public service media management and leadership teams recognise their responsibility in providing the services which consider staff mental wellbeing. 

In this resource page, we examine the different approaches being taken by organisations in response to this pressing situation. We highlight some of the leading organisations and the steps they’re taking. And we hear from the news leaders and practitioners themselves on how they are enacting change.

In their own words

In these three short videos, we ask newsroom leaders from PMA’s membership to talk about their tips when it comes to how you can effect change at your organisation.

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In this episode of PMA’s podcast, Media Uncovered, we examine the threats posed to journalists in the online sphere, and speak to three experts on the different ways in which journalists can stay safe online.

Featuring: Joe Hill, CBC/Radio-Canada Senior Director of Security and Resiliency, Lucy Westcott, Committee to Protect Journalists’ Emergencies Director, and Nicolle White, ABC Social Media Wellbeing Advisor.

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It’s time to recognise that climate reporting can have a serious mental impact, says Seigonie Mohammed of CCN TV6 in Trinidad and Tobago.

Exhausted female worker office

Public media organisations providing mental health services for staff

More public media organisations are offering mental health services and support for employees to improve mental health and wellbeing.