The Public Media Alliance gathers research papers on public service media and policy from around the world

These papers and research websites cover a wide range of topics, such as the mounting challenges faced by TV and radio outlets due to diminishing budgets and converging media, as well as the perennial issues of independence and impartiality.

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Gendering War & Peace Reporting

Nordicom publication exploring analytic approaches to how traditional war journalism is gendered.

A comparative analysis of media freedom & pluralism in the EU member states

European Parliament policy brief arguing that democratic processes in several EU countries are suffering from systemic failure, with the result that the basic conditions of media pluralism are not present.

Report: What we do and do not know about the impact of public service media

New RSJI report on the impacts of public service media.

Making Sense of Innovation

Process, product, and storytelling innovation in public service broadcasting organisations.

Nation Binding: How Public Service Broadcasting Mitigates Political Selective Exposure

Is there a media system that promotes less political selective exposure? This article explores this question within the context of the US and Dutch media landscape.

Ensuring public service news provision in the era of networked communications

This article analyses the economic viability of news production in the two main categories of media organisations, legacy media and digital native media, with a focus on USA and Europe.

Public Service Media in the Age of Digital Networks

This article addresses the question as to whether public service media is still relevant in the “age of the internet and digital networks”?

Innovation as the Key for the Future of Public Service Media

This chapter looks at the effects of digitisation in the production and consumption of public media, and the changing needs for news in society.

Making Public Television Social? Public Service Broadcasting and the Challenges of Social Media

This article investigates how the rise of social media affects European public service broadcasting, particularly in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

Throwing the Switch

With 2015 being the deadline for many countries to make the switch from analogue broadcasting to digital, the CIMA has produced this report as an update to the progress of transition.