The Public Media Alliance gathers research papers on public service media and policy from around the world

These papers and research websites cover a wide range of topics, such as the mounting challenges faced by TV and radio outlets due to diminishing budgets and converging media, as well as the perennial issues of independence and impartiality.

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Regulation: Future or Funeral?

An Article 19 guide to Public Service Media Regulation in Europe.

The Public Sphere, Social Networks and Public Service Media

This article argues that open-platform Public Service Media are capable of developing more comprehensive and inclusive social frameworks than online providers.

Media Coverage of Science and Technology in Africa

This paper critically analyses the role media has to play in facilitating the public understanding of science and technology across Africa.

Public policies for public service media

UK and the German policy cases, with warnings and lessons from the USA.

Riding the Wave

Grounded in a series of industry interviews taken from across six case studies and referencing recent literature and policy documents, this article analyses the impact of public broadcasting’s digital rebirth on traditional public service principles.

Beyond Broadcasting: The future of state owned broadcasters in Southern Africa

This recommended article, supported by FesMedia Africa, conveys the complicated changes facing state-owned broadcasters in Southern Africa.

Media System, Public Knowledge and Democracy

This article addresses the implications of the movement towards entertainment-centred, market-driven media by comparing what is reported and what the public knows in four countries with different media systems.

Public Media 2.0

This White Paper explores the future for public media in the USA whilst considering its historical democratic role.

Reinventing Public Service Broadcasting in Europe

The paper deals with the question whether the European full-fledged PSB model is still realistic or a more small-scale public service a la the American PBS would be a more viable prospect.

Public Service Broadcasting

Karol Jakubowicz explores what the long-term future holds for public service broadcasting in the context of a rapidly changing media landscape.