Manx Radio

Editorial independence of Manx Radio must be respected

Editorial independence is fundamental to trusted public media and underpins its role in holding power to account. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Crisis for RTHK’s independence

Sweeping changes to Hong Kong’s electoral system signal a slow death for democracy – and independent media.

Verbal attack on Croatia’s public broadcaster is the latest in a string of media freedom incidents

Croatia may have joined the Media Freedom Coalition but attempts to intimidate journalists at HRT are among several ongoing media freedom issues.


New talk show effectively transforms RTHK into a mouthpiece of the state

The Public Media Alliance condemns the use of Hong Kong’s public broadcaster as a government mouthpiece as it faces yet another challenge to its diminishing independence.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Stifling of independent and public media continues

There are troubling times ahead for independent media in Hong Kong, with intensifying pressure from mainland China.

EBC Brazil

Brazil: Privatisation of public media looms

Privatisation looms for Brazilian broadcaster EBC, which has been transformed into a state mouthpiece in recent years. How did it come to this?

RTHK night

RTHK producer on trial amid wider concerns for public broadcaster

An RTHK producer has gone on trial for accessing car ownership details on official databases as part of a report on police misconduct. Her trial is yet another blow for media freedom in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong RTHK

Hong Kong: Dark month at RTHK suggests a grim future for the public broadcaster

The situation facing public broadcaster and PMA member RTHK in Hong Kong is deteriorating rapidly.

City of Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistan: Serious concerns for journalist safety and editorial independence

Attacks on journalists and threats to editorial independence continue to endanger media freedom in Pakistan.


Hopes for editorial independence restored as USAGM CEO resigns

Hopes for editorial independence restored as USAGM CEO resigns. This follows serious concerns about politicisation and editorial interference during his tenure.