Slovak public broadcaster building

Slovakia: RTVS and media freedom under scrutiny

A climate of insecurity is lingering, as budget cuts and plans to dissolve RTVS into two entities were announced by the government.


Namibia: workers at public broadcaster go on strike

Employees at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) go on strike following the breakdown of talks between NBC management and the labour union over a demand for salary increases.

SRG SSR building

Swiss public broadcaster faces financial pressures in wake of Covid-19

SRG SSR, faces financial pressures during the Covid-19 pandemic, including loss of advertising revenues, the temporary suspension of employees and licence fee reduction.

Zambia ZNBC Lusaka

ZNBC fails to pay staff salaries during Covid-19 pandemic

Zambia’s national broadcaster, ZNBC, is failing to pay its journalists’ salaries on time, despite their continued dedication to report about Covid-19 under challenging and unprecedented conditions.

Windhoek Namibian

NBC defends editorial independence following SWAPO complaint

Namibian public broadcaster defends editorial independence and restores radio services amidst financial crisis. 

Windhoek Namibian

UPDATE | Financial crisis at NBC

Following the announcement from the NBC’s board that austerity measures are underway, which includes a possible retrenchment of some of the public broacaster’s workforce, employees took to staging a demonstration in association with the Namibia Public Workers’ Union (NAPWU) in protest against such plans.  


Update | SABC debt crisis

As SABC continues to navigate its ongoing financial crisis, does it really face a so-called “blackout”?

Update: Bosnian PSB to stay on air?

Internal and external debts could have led to suspended services for Bosnian PSB BHRT but last minute deal with parliament keeps it on-air.