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France: Media concentration inquiry highlights value of public media

The ongoing French media concentration inquiry reaffirms that strong public service broadcasting will continue to remain relevant and needed.

European Commission

The Digital Services Act (DSA): could it impact public media?

The European Parliament passed the DSA last week – a groundbreaking effort to regulate the internet. But could it impact the media?

Panorama of TF1 HQ

France: Inquiry into media concentration begins

The Senate inquiry comes weeks after Reporters Without Borders criticised a French media mogul and called for the revision of legislation on media concentration.

Press Freedom

Global Security Bill sparks fears for press freedom in France

French government says it plans to rewrite controversial clause in new Global Security Bill amid serious concerns about its impact on press freedom and the ability of journalists to hold authorities to account.

France Télévisions

Focus on PSM | France

Public media services in France face a number of drastic changes in 2020, including budget cuts and plans to merge multiple organisations.


European PSBs make moves to compete with streaming services

New collaborations emerge as public broadcasters face up to challenge posed by online and OTT TV competitors.

France Télévisions

Focus On PSM | France

After the publication of a working document, the future of public media in France is facing change.


What’s in store for public media in France?

Macron’s victory in the French presidential elections may soon transform the country’s public media landscape.

Polynesians left with no AM signal after France issues radio shutdown

Residents of French-Polynesia express concerns following decision to shutdown AM broadcasting.

radio france

French government offers funding to public radio

The French government has announced it will give funds to Radio France to help it settle old debts.