Digital switchover in Nigeria hits another speed bump

Nigeria’s journey towards digital transition has faltered once more after missing another deadline. But the country aims to continue steps towards a digital future with a slower, phased switchover.


Protests in Venezuela against broadcaster’s impartiality

Students and opponents have recently gathered at the offices of the state-owned Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), to protest against the broadcaster's conduct.


Focus on PSM | India

Public service broadcasting in India has been growing, amidst challenges, bans and incomplete digital transitions. Considerable hostility towards journalists also remains across the country.


What’s in store for public media in France?

Macron’s victory in the French presidential elections may soon transform the country’s public media landscape.

From the local to the global: transforming public media in Spain

A recent meeting organised by think tank Teledetodos showed the country’s commitment to the values of public media, but also the numerous challenges it is facing, and will have to face, to truly thrive.


Changes ahead for Romania’s public radio

Deemed ‘incompatible’ and accused of abuse of office, the head of Romania's public radio and its Board have been dismissed after Parliament rejected the company's reports.

Innovative State TV channel lands in Cuba

Cuba’s latest television channel breaks away from tradition with different formats, young staff and a ‘revolutionary’ agenda.

Has Israel finally reached a deal over public broadcaster?

After a series of debates and amidst threats to call a national election and a general strike, the Israeli government have reached a deal for a new national broadcaster.


BBC ends shortwave transmission in Thailand

Unable to reach agreement with the Thai government, the BBC World Service has not renewed its operating permit after 20 years of operations in the country.

New head of Gambian broadcaster commits to independence

The new head of Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) is committed to ensuring the editorial independence of the state broadcaster.