EBC employees on strike over censorship complaints

EBC employees join a general strike to protest against the company’s tight control and to defend freedom of expression.

Senate approves measure to restructure Brazil’s public broadcaster

Concern as provisional measure, approved by the Senate last week, increases state control over the country's public broadcaster.

Further measures undermine public media in Brazil

The government’s decision to wipe out the EBC Board of Trustees further derails the public broadcaster's freedom and independence.

Provisional measure threatens autonomy of Brazil’s public broadcaster

The newly confirmed Brazilian government has recently proposed a measure that would change the structure and the autonomy of the public broadcaster.

Party in Brazil for public media

A Brazilian social movement is organising a party in São Paulo in defense of the country’s broadcaster

Public television in Colombia needs to do more to reinvent itself

The head of Colombia's public broadcaster said there is far more that the country’s public media can do to improve, but things are changing for the better.

Community media expands in Ecuador

Community media will soon be growing in Ecuador, as the sector will receive one third of radio and television licenses by 2017.

Agreement leads to first Public TV Network in Latin America

National broadcasters from across Latin America sign new transnational agreement for joint work and an exchange of programming.