Uncertainty continues for RTVE

Ongoing disagreement over working hours and wages, a long-awaited public tender and centralisation concerns continue to burden Spain’s national public broadcaster.


Defending free and independent public media in Spain

The Public Media Alliance supports today's call by civil society organisations in Spain to defend free and independent public media. 


Insight | RTVE public contest faces further challenges

After an arduous process, a reform to promote the independence of the Spanish public broadcaster from political influence is now hanging by a thread.


European PSBs make moves to compete with streaming services

New collaborations emerge as public broadcasters face up to challenge posed by online and OTT TV competitors.

Another roadblock to RTVE’s independence

In March, political parties in Spain seemed closer than ever to an agreement over the PSB's reform toward greater transparency. Now, they are still in an impasse caused by one of the parties.


RTVE | Parties close to agreement on public tender

After months of setbacks and debates, political parties in Spain are close to reaching an agreement to renew the public broadcaster’s leadership via public tender.


RTVE reform reaches deadlock

The Spanish public broadcaster was on its way to becoming more independent but a series of political rows has stalled progress and its future is now unclear.

Changes afoot for RTVE

Reform means Spain’s public broadcaster is on right route towards greater independence, transparency and plurality.

Calls for transformation of public media in Spain

In a new challenging political climate, journalists in Spain advocate for a new way of organising and looking at public media.