Channels TV in Lagos, Nigeria are currently recruiting for a number of positions in its engineering department – Satellite Engineers; Broadcast Engineers; Transmission Director/Engineer; Network Administrator; Operator, Master Control (MCR).

Candidates must be eligible to live and work in Lagos State Nigeria for a minimum fixed term of one year. The salary and benefits are negotiable. The closing date for applications is 30th September 2012.


Job Title: Satellite Engineers
Channels TV, Lagos State
Position Type:
Full Time
One Year (Renewable)

Job Description

  • Perform tier 2 and 3 support to existing satellite communication links. This will include interrogate link analysis data to identify any link or satellite system performance issues.
  • Assist on-ice operational personal with any antenna or satellite system operational support needs. Help identify, develop or modify any satellite system maintenance or performance issues, including antenna operations or link performance so the satellite link will operate at optimal performance.
  • Provide engineering services for satellite communication system designs which can include developing and analyzing link budgets, system upgrades, design and integration of upgrades, for new services and projects. The satellite systems are used to support voice, data, video transfer and urgent life safety needs such as medical video teleconference calls. Provide engineering and operational services for Satellite monitoring and control systems. These systems are an integral part of our satellite communication system.
  • Review satellite system, antenna, electronics, and maintenance schedules to ensure uninterrupted communications capabilities from stations as well as field camps that require satellite communications capabilities.
  • Provides engineering services in developing and reviewing satellite system designs, and project documentation.
  • Works with the Station Manager, Operations or Project Manager, in Information Technology, as team member or lead in using Project Management methodology to accomplish engineering projects.
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and ensuring that safety is the highest priority in the workplace. Performs other duties as required.

Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • Bachelor degree is required. Degrees with an emphasis in Engineering, Communications Systems or Satellite Systems are preferred. Equivalent experience accepted in lieu of degree.
  • Minimum of three years of diversified satellite engineering experience in design, system integration, operational support and review is required. An additional four years supporting and maintaining technical communication equipment is required. Experience in other RF communication fields such as HF, UHF/VHF, microwave is preferred.
  • Ability to install satellite downlink and also troubleshoot satellite equipment/dish.
  • Ability to operate a variety of industry standard OB Van and equipment in the outside Broadcast van, as well as manage the processes of powering up OB Van/Fly –Away equipment and powering them down.
  • Must have experience in managing a variety of satellite equipment, including links, encoders, decoders, etc.
  • Must be a computer Literate, able to use necessary computer –based engineering software for a variety of tasks
  • Ability to assist the head of Engineering to manage day to day activities of ensuring Engineering department provide effective technical support to all sections of the company that requires it.
  • Must have a comprehensive understanding of electrical health and safety regulations.


Job Title: Transmission Director/Engineer
Channels TV, Lagos State
Position Type:
Full Time
One Year (Renewable)

Job Description

  • Translates mission requirements and transmission problems into solutions employing current state-of-the-art communications system equipment and software. The solutions may consist of local, satellite, wide area, fiber, cable, wireless media or some combination thereof
    Defines interaction/interface between different categories of requirements, and develops appropriate design to support the requirements while employing transmission systems standards and methodologies
    Must be able to serve as a liaison to interpret and translate various disciplines represented in contributing to the overall project, and serve as a point of contact for evaluation of problems arising from the systems nature of the task.
  • Directly interface and manage the daily activities of the master control operations.
  • Intelligently interface and communicate with the traffic, programming, on-air promotions and post production departmental representatives
  • Able to handle the pressure of a live broadcast and all typical and associated issues; last minute media deliveries, changing rundowns and play out requirements.
  • Act as primary interface with the operations group to maintain the delivery schedule of material for the origination
  • Monitor the channel integrity and video quality. This will include real-time logging of poor quality content that makes it through the seams.
  • Available and able to work as required in support of a 7 day, 24 hour, 365 day operating broadcast television production operation.
  • To assist and provide input in conjunction with troubleshooting operational and technical issues that occurs after hours.
  • Capable of accepting, understanding and logging verbal and electronic trouble and incident reports containing limited information and subsequently translating that information to a timely and full incident resolution and or correction.
  • Clear, concise effective written and verbal communication with technical and non-technical individuals.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering/Communications Engineering/Computer Engineering or;
    an Associate’s Degree plus 6 years of relevant field or operational experience.
  • Relevant postgraduate and/or professional qualifications/certifications will be an added advantage


Job Title: Operator, Master Control (MCR)
: Channels TV, Lagos State
Position Type
: Full Time

Job Description

  • The Master Control Operator will be responsible for performing all on-air operations to include recording, downloading, uploading and editing of all on-air programming and commercial material in a live news programme. Operate all control room equipment associated with a typical live news programme .Monitor and maintain the quality, continuity and availability of multiple networks and distribution channels in a live and non live environment.
  • Monitors video/audio quality and signal availability using waveform monitors, meters and other test/monitoring equipment. Capture and encoding of content related to on-air schedules.
  • Assists media operations group in the recording and storage of content feeds.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  • A College diploma or university degree in an associated field.
  • A minimum of 5 years work experience in this field.
  • A knowledge and experience in IT.
  • Experienced in broadcast television, cable programmer and network.
  • The ability to work under pressure.
  • Be proficient with computers and MS office software.
  • Must be able to work any scheduled time, including nights, weekends and holidays to support the 24×7 on-air broadcasts


Job Title: Network Administrator
: Channels TV, Lagos State
Position Type:
Full Time
One Year (Renewable)

Job Description:

  • Oversea computer networks to ensure that they function smoothly.
  • Configure and manage new and/or existing network: LAN and WAN, wired and wireless connections.
  • Responsible for customizing the network to company’s needs: connecting the necessary hardware and software to the network, adding computer programs, such as e-mail, that the company’s employees use on a daily basis.
  • Control user access to, monitoring of and security to the network.
  • Provide internet and emails solutions. Monitor and manage the card key accessing accounts, Setting up passwords for individual users and determining which files, programs, or features each person is allowed to use. Changing passwords as required or periodically and updating security measures and procedures.
  • Install the necessary hardware and software to set up a computer network, and customizes it to meet company needs.
  • Establishes network specifications by conferring with users; analyzing workflow, access, information, and security requirements; designing router administration, including interface configuration and routing protocols.
  • Establishes network by evaluating network performance issues including availability, utilization, and latency; planning and executing the selection, installation, configuration, and testing of equipment; defining network policies and procedures; establishing connections and firewalls.
  • Maintains network performance by performing network monitoring and analysis, and performance tuning; troubleshooting network problems; escalating problems to vendor.
  • Secures network by developing network access, monitoring, control, and evaluation; maintaining documentation.
  • Maintaining and managing the Company’s servers to optimal functionality (exchange server, streaming servers).
  • Upgrades network by conferring with vendors; developing, testing, evaluating, and installing enhancements.
  • Supporting, designing, maintaining, and evaluating computer networking along with telecommunication systems.
  • Install, configure, and maintain physical servers and virtual computer servers.
  • Oversee the daily operations of computer networks. This would include the hardware/software support, special projects, and training where necessary.
  • Network mapping, start-up, installation, maintenance, and improvement. You would be responsible for ensuring that the LAN/WAN network connectivity of the company is adequate. You also ensure the security and deployment of the LAN/WAN network is also in good standing.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  • Must have a BSc Upper Credit or Lower Credit in any of the following: Electronics Electrical Engineering; Electronics and Computer Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science or Chemistry.
  • Minimum of 4-6 years core IT experience.
  • Head of an organizational Unit (a plus).
  • NYSC (a plus).
  • Advanced CISCO Certification and Training (a plus).
  • Microsoft Certification.
  • Adobe Certification.

Additional Skills:

Network Performance Tuning, LAN Knowledge, Network Design and Implementation, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Multi-tasking, Quality Focus, Coordination, Technical Understanding, Quick Study, Technical Zeal


Job Title: Broadcast Engineers
Channels TV, Lagos State
Position Type:
Full Time
One Year (Renewable)

Job Description

  • To support and maintain a range of broadcast and IT equipment, to provide technical advice and expertise to operational and programme activities in Channels Television.
  • Maintain broadcast automation systems for the studio and automatic transmission systems for the transmitter plant.
  • Maintain technical equipment and systems to the required safety and technical standards with minimum disruption to operational activities.
  • Maintain, sets up and operates remote production facilities, to include all engineering activities associated with remote television productions.
  • To test and align new equipment’s prior to installation in broadcast facility.
  • Maintain and set up transmission equipment for broadcast and point-to-point microwave links.
  • Knowledge of broadcast rules and regulations (NBC).
  • Knowledge in maintenance, usage, and design of technical broadcast equipment.
  • To interpret and diagnose technical problems from a range of sources.
  • To create and maintain asset records and technical documents.
  • To provide input, advice to technical and non-technical colleagues at all levels.
  • To provide input, advice and feedback on the suitability, sustainability and use of new products and processes.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  • Associate’s degree in Electronics, Broadcasting or related field AND two years’ experience in broadcast engineering which includes equipment, repair and installation; OR, Four years’ experience in broadcast engineering which includes equipment, repair and installation; OR, Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.
  • Must have the ability to act quickly and pragmatically under pressure to priorities and resolve technical faults and problems.
  • Must have the ability to simplify and systematically analyze and evaluate technical problems.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with a range of people at different web of the organization and explain and discuss technical issues using a range of styles, tools and techniques.
  • Ability to access and advice on the technical quality of vision, audio and data in line with Channels TV guidelines.
  • Ability to carry out first line support to all Channels TV areas concerning contribution and distribution feeds.
  • Ability to produce reports, spreadsheets and system diagrams with appropriate software packages.
  • An understanding of television, transmitters on the associated transmission and carrier systems in an HD environment.
  • To monitor and control the central equipment management system.
  • To perform audio, video, RF circuit performance checks and measurements.
  • Optimum Utilization of satellite resources time efficient spectrum planning for analog and digital services.
  • Design, integration of relevant sub systems installation and commissioning of analog and digital satellite uplink system for distribution and contribution of signals.
  • Design and integrate sub systems and build compact satellite uplink based on state of the art digital technical.
  • Advice on augmenting capacity to meet future transmission required especially in satellite networking using digital video compression.
  • Service for broadcast network ranging from key provision and operation.