From the Public Media Alliance, Media Uncovered is a monthly podcast which examines & explores the latest challenges and innovations from the media industry.

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What’s the podcast about?

What are the threats to media freedom? How can public media organisations engage audiences? Is tech good for public interest media? 

There are so many questions and challenges facing the media industry and public media organisations today. From the threat of interfering and heavy-handed governments, to the challenge of confronting mis- and disinformation. From the power now wielded by global tech giants, to the trials and tribulations of being seen and heard in a saturated and competitive media market. But there are also so many opportunities and ways for public media to show how valuable and important it still is to democratic societies.

So how does public media address these issues and demonstrate their worth? And how do we work collectively to ensure media freedom and ensure those who perpetrate crimes against the media are not granted impunity?

In Media Uncovered, we explore these issues and try to provide answers. We speak to public media leaders and workers, academics, civil society groups, politicians, commentators and more. We analyse global trends and explore local solutions. We highlight where public media is doing it right and where it’s going wrong. And we delve into the causes and consequences of all these challenges.

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