Czech TV: Why it’s important to have stable funding

Following proposals to increase the licence fee for Czech TV, the director general explains why stable funding is essential.


What do people think of generative AI?

AI raises all manner of complex issues, particularly with its use in news. But it's also something that should be responsibly experimented with, writes the BBC's Peter Archer.

BBC News mobile app interface

How the BBC is covering the UK General Election

Combatting disinformation, engaging audiences, and being transparent are just some of pledges from the BBC ahead of the UK General Election. 

How CBC/Radio-Canada is addressing declining trust

With indicators suggesting declining public trust in CBC/Radio-Canada, how is the broadcaster addressing the problem? 

aerial photo shows land clearance in Sri Lanka's national park.

How News 1st uses its journalism to help protect the environment

Despite efforts to restrict the media, News 1st's Zulfick Farzan says they remain "committed to ethical and unbiased reporting." 

WPFD: News 5 Belize: Journalism’s vital role in tackling the climate crisis

On World Press Freedom Day, News5 Belize is more than ever advocating for press freedom and the planet, highlighting the values of PSM.

WPFD: NBC Namibia: Sport coverage and protecting the environment

The head of sport at NBC Namibia, Sackie Shikufa, shares how the sports department is confronting the environmental crisis.

image of a computer screen with the EDUbox programme.

Developing a library of media literacy resources for Caribbean educators and journalists

Behind the scenes: In this Insight report, we explore how PMA is developing a digital library of media literacy resources for educators and journalists.

Information must not become a class issue

Swedish Radio leadership have emphasised the necessity of equitable information access following a visit to Ukraine's public broadcaster.


How CBC News safeguards its independence

CBC's journalism is defined by accuracy, fairness, balance and integrity