The Public Media Alliance is the largest global association of public service broadcasters. Our members are the organisations that communicate daily and free of charge through TV, radio and online with the 2.5 billion citizens living in the countries that our members serve.

It is the only global membership organisation to focus specifically on public service broadcasting and public service media, with all 100+ members – regardless of their nation’s size or location – having full and equal membership. Members also include broadcast-related organisations such as regulators, broadcast technology companies and media non-profits. The Public Media Alliance network currently includes representation from 54 countries, in both hemispheres.

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Our role
  • Define the core values of PSM – Review and clarify what is not PSM
  • Propose a globally accepted definition of PSM in the digital world
  • Promote and advocate for the role and values of PSM in democratic society
  • Lead a global ‘Call Out’ for public and like-minded media to commit to the core values of PSM
  • Connect with PMA members to share useful, reliable information about PSM [PSM Weekly and Insight]
  • Facilitate collaboration instead of competition between PSM organisations
  • Commission, aggregate, curate and disseminate PSM related research
  • Build connections between those with similar roles, specialisms and interests within PSMs
  • Organise regional PSM meetings with key stakeholders, experts and commentators
  • Coordinate global support for members where PSM values are being challenged and compromised
  • Promote the sharing of best practice and innovation between PMA members
  • Build stronger PSM collaborations and networks on social media
  • Facilitate content collaboration across transnational themes e.g. climate change and migration
  • Partner with philanthropic and like-minded media organisations supportive of PSM’s core values
  • Build strong partnerships with public media academics e.g. Global PSM Network and RIPE
  • Support for public media as it transitions from broadcasting to multi-platform in the digital era
  • Review funding & governance models for public media
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What we do for our members
  • Provide a unique global overview of the role and importance of public media
  • Provide research and advocacy including representing member’s interests to parliamentarians and governments.
  • Offer global networking opportunities for public media executives and senior media managers.
  • Host an active website [] for information and knowledge exchange
  • Award annual PMA Global Grants, available only to employees of full member organisations.
  • Work to support media freedom and investigative journalism
  • Work with public and like-minded media to develop regional social media guidelines for journalists
  • Work with public and like-minded media to develop regional guidelines on countering hate speech and reporting on terrorism
  • Review spectrum allocation and the effects of digital transition
  • Provide knowledge exchange on all aspects of public media, including:
    • Crisis, disaster and emergency preparedness and response
    • Public media content for children
    • Environmental adaption and climate change
    • Women and diversity in public media
    • Public media and conflict resolution

Interested in becoming a member?

To subscribe or for more information about membership, costs and terms, please email us at Or download our application forms below: