The Public Media Alliance is the largest global association of public service broadcasters. Our members are the organisations that communicate daily and free of charge through TV, radio and online with the 2.5 billion citizens living in the countries that our members serve.

It is the only global membership organisation to focus specifically on public service broadcasting and public service media, with all 100+ members – regardless of their nation’s size or location – having full and equal membership. Members also include broadcast-related organisations such as regulators, broadcast technology companies and media non-profits. The Public Media Alliance network currently includes representation from 54 countries, in both hemispheres.

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What are the key areas of focus for the PMA?

Areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Support for Public Service Broadcasting as it transitions to Public Service Media in the digital era
  • Collating and curating research and information about public media
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Spectrum and the effects of digital transition
  • Funding & governance models for PSB/PSM
  • Crisis, disaster and emergency preparedness and response
  • Public media content for children
  • Environmental adaption and climate change
  • Women and diversity in public media
  • Public media and conflict resolution
  • Original content development via WorldView
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What does the PMA do for its members?
  • Offers unrivalled global networking opportunities for broadcasting executives and senior media managers.
  • Provides a global overview of the role and importance of public media
  • Supports the PSB output of members including research and advocacy, including representing member’s interests to parliamentarians and governments.
  • Hosts an active website with specialised forums for information and knowledge exchange
  • Works in partnership with other organisations to support regional public broadcast initiatives and meetings every year.
  • Holds regional live events/workshops each year that focus on current issues in public media.
  • Holds a General Meeting and elections every two years.
  • Promotes partnerships and co-operation between member broadcasters.
  • Organises regular training courses and consultancies, either free or subsidised for members.
  • Awards annual travel bursaries, available only to employees of member organisations.
  • Distributes a regular newsletter via email with updates and a weekly summary of global public media headlines.

Interested in becoming a member?

To subscribe or for more information about membership, costs and terms, please email us at