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This collection of videos has been made specially for our digital library by media literacy experts. Explore their tips on how educators and journalists can develop, implement, and evaluate media literacy initiatives.

Created by experts in the field, these videos cover a wide range of topics essential to understanding and promoting media literacy, including evaluating media literacy projects, interactive teaching methods, and understanding media messaging techniques. We will continue to add to this collection of expert videos.

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In this video from DW Akademie, Roslyn Kratochvil Moore from the Digital Sphere Unit guides you through an engaging conversation on the power of interactive methods for media literacy training. She is joined by experts Joost van de Port and Lizette Ferris, and together they unveil top techniques to boost engagement and learning, ranging from role-playing and case studies to gamified approaches.
Steven Youngblood, Director of the Center for Global Peace Journalism explains what media literacy is and why it’s crucial for journalists. He covers the importance of critical media analysis, spotting biases, and understanding media messaging techniques, and offers examples on how journalists can educate audiences and combat misinformation.
Lori Brittain, Vice President of LearningMedia, and Meg Roosevelt, Director of Content Development, delve into the evolving landscape of digital media consumption among young people. Joined by classroom educators, they explore strategies for teaching media literacy, and emphasise the use of various forms of communication.
Kate Morris from communications regulator Ofcom discusses their role in promoting media literacy in the UK. In this video, she introduces Ofcom’s Evaluation Toolkit, which helps measure the impact of media literacy programmes. The toolkit covers preparation, data collection, and learning from evaluations. Ms. Morris emphasises the importance of integrating evaluation from the start to improve and understand project outcomes.
In this video, Roslyn Kratochvil Moore from DW Akademie’s Digital Sphere Unit explores the power of partnerships in media literacy. She is joined by experts Lizette Ferris and Patricia Noboa Armendáriz, who share their experiences in building effective collaborations with journalists, educators, media organisations, and civil society.

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