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PTS Taiwan’s New Frontier: PTS World Taiwan

20 September 2021
The new PTS World channel on YouTube. Credit: PTS World/YouTube

Building a Global Vision with a Local Perspective

In September 2021, Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS) launched “PTS World Taiwan,” an international YouTube channel that offers an incredible variety of programmes for viewers worldwide. This media service will allow Taiwan to be seen and heard by an international audience, shining a spotlight as Taiwan takes the global stage.

More than 50 hours of dramas, documentaries, news, children’s programmes, and lifestyle productions have been uploaded to PTS World Taiwan, with new content planned to follow every month. Some of the audience favourites currently available are: Lucky Draw, a PTS original; The Eternal Farm Villages, a 4K documentary with curated footage taken in multiple countries; and The Small Big, winner of Best Immersive VR Programme at the Asian Academy Creative Awards. PTS English News is also set to air on PTS World Taiwan, with news broadcasts in Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai soon to follow.

Since its founding 21 years ago, PTS has become one of the most familiar names at international media awards. Its programming excellence has brought home wins from the George Foster Peabody Awards, NHK Japan Prize, Banff World Media Festival and Busan International Film Festival. PTS’ productions have also earned nominations from Cannes, Berlinale and Venice Film Festival. All PTS productions uploaded to PTS World Taiwan (including its award winners) will have bilingual subtitles. YouTube SRT subtitles also enable non-English and non-Chinese speaking audiences to enjoy PTS’ programmes in their own languages, ensuring viewers around the globe with an equally unhindered viewing experience.

In addition to its current content, monthly curated themes are being planned for the channel, with special feature videos to spotlight local issues in Taiwan. 24-hour livestreams of famous Taiwanese tourist attractions are being planned as well, with the intention of allowing viewers to interact with each other and moderators through live chat. PTS World Taiwan will also maintain an active social media presence: interacting with netizens, exploring current global affairs, and putting Taiwan in direct conversation with the rest of the world.

PTS is excited to share its collection of quality programmes with global audiences. Through the promotion and spread of PTS World Taiwan, PTS hopes to expand overseas sales and licensing of its programmes, establish partnerships with other public television services, and contribute to the international community in a meaningful way.

This report was provided by PTS Taiwan, a member of the Public Media Alliance.