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EC Media Freedom and Pluralism

Acts, articles, policies and studies into media freedom and pluralism by the European Commission as part of their ‘Digital Agenda for Europe’. 

“The importance of transparency, freedom and diversity in Europe’s media landscape. The European Commission commits to respect freedom and pluralism of media. In this page you can find several acts, documents and studies on the subject.”


Fesmedia Africa

A diverse and independent broadcasting sector, supplying information and other programming of public interest, is essential to a functioning democracy. Fesmedia Africa promotes efforts to create a policy, legal and regulatory framework for an independent broadcasting sector which is based on the African Charter on Broadcasting (UNESCO)and The Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression in Africa. 

“Fesmedia Africa supports public participation in the formulation of broadcasting policy and regulation, as well as in the management and content development of public service and community broadcasters. We work with local partners and civil society coalitions, parliamentarians and governments (where they are willing) towards the realization of an independent, strong and competitive public broadcaster and promote diverse public interest broadcasting content.

Our focus in all our activities in the broadcasting sector is the “public”, be it in the transformation of a state into a truly public service broadcaster, through the support of community broadcasters and developing their “public” programming or by supporting “public” formats for private broadcasters.”


Media Monitoring Africa

MMA aims to promote the development of a free, fair, ethical and critical media culture in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

Media Monitoring Africa (formerly Media Monitoring Project) is a non-profit organisation that promotes democracy and a culture where media and the powerful respect human rights and encourage a just and fair society. MMA acts in a watchdog role to promote ethical and fair journalism that supports human rights.


Media Policy Project Blog

A great resource blog from the London School of Economics with a section dedicated to public service broadcasting, particularly that in the UK. 

“The Media Policy Project’s goal is to start conversations between policy makers, civil society actors, and media professionals about the latest media research.  We want policy makers to have timely, easy access to relevant research and to the range of views held by civil society. We also work to engage the policy community with research on the policy making process itself. Additionally, we provide tools for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on media policy issues, though our briefings, event calendars, dossiers, and lists of on-going consultations.”