Egypt passes new law to keep media in check

New media law in Egypt paves the way for a new Supreme Council to regulate and control the media, raising further press freedom concerns.

Malé, Maldives

Controversial defamation penalties revealed in the Maldives

Freedom of expression and media independence take another blow in the Maldives as the government brings controversial Defamation Act penalties into effect.


Public broadcaster in Brazil will go back to buying content from private TV

The series of measures that have lately affected the structure of the Brazilian public broadcaster will now have an impact on the content it produces.

New PSB in Israel may never see the light of the day

The Israeli government may revoke the decision to establish a new public broadcaster in what could be a serious detriment to democracy in the country.

EBC’s situation contested in public hearing

After the recent changes and government interference, former members of the Brazilian public broadcaster met with Parliament to debate its current situation.

Further measures undermine public media in Brazil

The government’s decision to wipe out the EBC Board of Trustees further derails the public broadcaster's freedom and independence.

Proposed bill could regulate & punish media in Namibia

A new information bill proposed by the government in Namibia could impact media freedom by punishing professionals who report “irresponsibly”.

media freedom

Nigerian public media should be independent to promote democracy

Attahiru Jega, former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), talked about the current state of public broadcasting in Nigeria, calling for structural changes.

Political interference continues at Croatia’s PSB

New report calls for balanced coverage and independence of Croatian public broadcaster, HRT, ahead of crucial parliamentary election in September.

Political conflict in Israel over the institution of Public Service Broadcaster

Cabinet disagreements over state control and amendments further delay the institution of a new public broadcaster in Israel.