Manx Radio

Editorial independence of Manx Radio must be respected

Editorial independence is fundamental to trusted public media and underpins its role in holding power to account. 

Manx Radio

Securing a future for public media in the Isle of Man

Following a year of upheaval and political wrangling, PMA member Manx Radio, has finally secured a package from government that will enable it to plan and build for the future.

Manx Radio

Honing skills at Manx Radio

As part of our Global Grant scheme, media trainers Professor Claire de Than and Siobhann Tighe travelled to the Isle of Man to provide refreshers in media law and interview techniques to staff from the island's public broadcaster, Manx Radio. 

Manx Radio

Decision on future of Isle of Man’s public media delayed

Select Committee’s findings on the future of public service media divide the island’s parliament.

Manx Radio

PMA Response | Independence of public media at risk on the Isle of Man

The Public Media Alliance calls on the Isle of Man's Tynwald to ensure the independence of Manx Radio, the island's public service broadcaster.

Manx Radio

Independence of public media at risk on the Isle of Man

Manx Radio’s 50thbirthday celebrations dampened by Select Committee recommendations.

Public service media: serving the community

Last week, PMA’s finance manager, Mervyn Warner, discussed the role of public service broadcasting with Roger Watterson on Isle of Man’s Manx Radio.

Rounding up Radiodays

Manx Radio’s PSB role affirmed, but secure funding rejected

The Isle of Man parliament has voted against a recommendation to ringfence funding beyond a year for the station, even while recognising its unique position as the nation’s Public Service Broadcaster

CBA Secretary-General gives evidence to parliamentary review of PSB

Sally-Ann Wilson, the Secretary-General of the CBA, has given spoken evidence to a select committee on public service broadcasting from the Isle of Man’s parliament