Crumbling advertising market piles on the pressure

A crumbling advertising market has added to uncertainty for many media, with dwindling revenue and increased competition from tech giants.

New wave of criticism for proposed Papua New Guinea media law

Critics say a proposed media law would give the Papua New Guinea government unfettered power over free speech, including the ability to filter stories it doesn’t like.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka passes controversial law to regulate online content

Sri Lankan lawmakers have passed a bill to regulate online content that media freedom activists fear is an attempt to muzzle free speech.

Pakistan regulator

Pakistan: Media representatives “strongly opposed” to proposed media authority

Media workers in Pakistan continue to voice their concerns over a proposed bill that could grant the state greater control over the media.

media freedom

Lifting sanctions on Tanzania’s media: a limited turning point?

New administration takes limited steps to lift sanctions on Tanzanian media, leaving many outlets to continue adhering to oppressive laws and government restrictions.