TVO Media Education Group joins the Public Media Alliance

7th February 2023
PMA is delighted to welcome TVO – a Canadian leader in digital media and learning – to our association. 
Host Steve Paikin on the set of TVO's flagship program The Agenda. Credit: TVO

TVO Media Education Group (TVOis the latest public broadcaster to join the Public Media Alliance, the largest global association of public service media organisations. As a social impact charity based in Ontario, Canada, TVO inspires learning that changes lives and enriches communities at home and abroad.

The Public Media Alliance (PMA) is an association of public media organisations from across six continents. We advocate for the principles and values that underpin public service media.

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Who is TVOntario?

With a 50-year legacy as an educational broadcaster, TVO remains a unique and independent voice in an ever-changing media landscape through its commitment to reflecting Ontario’s diverse perspectives. In recent years, it has evolved into four main pillars: TVO Today (current affairs journalism, podcasts, documentaries), TVO Learn (digital learning experiences for Kindergarten through Grade 12), TVO ILC (Ontario’s largest online high school) and TVOkids (children’s media and learning).

TVO is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Education and is funded primarily by the Government of Ontario in addition to thousands of sponsors and donors.

At a glance
  • 8.4m Ontario viewers every year
  • 872,000 kids watching TVO Kids
  • 31,000 donors
  • 22,000 enrolled in TVO ILC
  • 3.1m articles read
Jeffrey Orridge, CEO of TVO. Credit: TVO
TVO is honoured to become a member of the Public Media Alliance and uphold the spirit of public service through informing communities everywhere. Organizations such as TVO and our fellow members play an important role in safeguarding the public trust against misinformation. We embrace that mission with great optimism that is founded on the transformational power of learning.
Jeffrey Orridge, CEO of TVO

TVO’s focus on equitable education and reaching diverse audiences positions them as a leader in providing high-quality, accessible content that informs, educates and entertains. I am delighted to welcome TVO to our alliance, and on behalf of the PMA team, we look forward to working closely with them.
Kristian Porter, CEO of the Public Media Alliance
Kristian Porter
CEO of Public Media Alliance