This year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow are fast approaching and we are involved in a project run by BBC Scotland called Commonwealth Voices.

It’s a pop-up internet radio station with studios based in the East End of Glasgow. It will be covering cultural aspects around the Commonwealth Games – that’s stories about Glasgow, Scotland, its people, music, food and history – everything but sport.

The station will be live on air from 1000-1600 every day for a four-week period starting 16 July.

The CBA has created an audio content exchange agreement, and we invite our members to be a part of this project by making either pre-packaged or live audio contributions, in consultation with a BBC producer.

In return, the BBC will provide access and the broadcast rights to 70 x 5-minute Commonwealth Poetry Postcards (spoken word from every country competing in the Games), 30 x 15-minute programmes about Commonwealth countries and background content about Scotland, its history and what’s happening there right now – as well as having access to the material provided by other CBA members around the Commonwealth.

If you’d like your station to be involved, please get in touch by contacting us using the details in the footer below.