Illustration of a group of friends sat on a couch watching TV

Switching off: Young audiences, streaming and public media

The outlook for public media is not encouraging with young audiences turning to streaming services much more than public media.

EU Commission

EU elections: challenges and hope for PSM

The EU Parliament elections were a real challenge for European PSM but also shows an evolution of the EU media sphere with the EMFA. 

Slovak public broadcaster building

Slovak government urged to abandon new public media law

The govt’s new proposal on RTVS Act caused serious concern amongst Slovaks and media freedom groups over the future of RTVS independence.

EU Commission

Coalition calls for effective implementation of EMFA

PMA has joined other CSOs in urging all stakeholders to work together for EMFA's full and effective implementation. 

TV Tower in Sarajevo

BHRT warns it’s on the brink of collapse

BiH might become the only European country without a public broadcaster, as BHRT reported existential challenges due to lack of funds.

Radiodays Europe 2024

Register now for Radiodays Europe 2024 in Munich on 17-19 March. PMA members are entitled to a special discount.

broadcasting fee form for ARD and ZDF

Funding cuts, freezes and reviews faced by many public broadcasters

Viable and sustainable funding for public media is increasingly at risk around the world, posing a threat to trusted news and information.

Aerial view of Parliament of Georgia

Georgia: GPB funding future up for debate

A new funding model for the GPB seems on the horizon after a new bill was introduced tearing up the current system.

EU Commission

EMFA: PMA joins call for effective safeguards for strong and independent public service media

PMA has joined a coalition of 19 organisations in urging EU institutions to effectively protect the independence of public service media in the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA).

ZDF’s “The Swarm” demonstrates innovation and value

ZDF’s The Swarm has amassed more than 18 million views online to become ZDFmediathek’s best streaming start.