The Public Media Alliance warmly welcomes Thai Public Broadcasting Service, better known as Thai PBS, to the association.

Thai PBSThe Director General of Thai PBS is Dr. Wilasinee Phiphitkul and we all look forward to working with her and her colleagues.

Thai PBS is one of the most recent public broadcasters to be founded, launched just 12 years ago in 2008. The national station employs just over a thousand people and has as its remit a strong public broadcasting ethos, specifically:

To encourage public awareness and participation in the building of a just and democratic society through bold and impartial reporting with public interest at its heart.

Thai PBS was founded under a Public Broadcasting Service Act, in which legal measures were put in place to protect the broadcaster from both political and commercial influence. The broadcaster is funded by special earmarked taxes to ensure its financial independence. The Act also required establishment of a viewer’s committee to help guarantee accountability.  Thai PBS also has its own Academy for research and training.