Media Freedom Symposium and Survey

Join the PMA and AIB in exploring ways to improve and better cover media freedom issues around the world, and contribute to our joint survey.

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Welcoming New Neighbours: How public media works for refugees and asylum seekers

Join the Public Media Alliance for a special event as part of Refugee Week, exploring how public broadcasters are covering the lives of refugees and asylum seekers as they make…

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Erklärung der ‘Global Task Force for Public Media’ zum Verbot von ‚BBC World News‘ in China

Die ‚Global Task Force for Public Media‘ ist zutiefst beunruhigt über die Entscheidung der Regierung der Volksrepublik China, den Empfang von ‚BBC World News‘ in China zu……

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Statement by the Global Task Force for public media on ban of BBC World News in China

The Global Task Force for public media is deeply concerned by the decision of the government of the People's Republic of China to ban BBC World News from broadcasting in the…

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World Radio Day 2021

Evolution. Innovation. Connection: UNESCO could not have chosen more apt themes to celebrate the 10th edition of World Radio Day.

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PMA Statement: China’s ban on BBC broadcasts is cause for deep concern

The Public Media Alliance is deeply concerned by China’s recent actions regarding the BBC and the impact this has on media freedom within the region.

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RTHK suspends BBC live relay following mainland ban

Hong Kong's public broadcaster discontinues BBC World Service live relay following Chinese regulator's ban of BBC World News broadcasts.

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Déclaration du Groupe de travail mondial pour les médias publics concernant l’interdiction de diffusion de BBC World News en Chine

Le Groupe de travail mondial pour les médias publics est vivement préoccupé par la décision du gouvernement de la République populaire de Chine d’interdire la diffusion de BBC…

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World Radio Day 2021

Radio continues to play a pivotal role in society wherever you live. We invite all PMA members to tell us about their innovations for this year's World Radio Day.

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UNESCO’S IPDC supports two COVID-related projects in partnership with the Public Media Alliance

Work in favour of public service journalism has won further support from UNESCO’s IPDC with the announcement of two new PMA projects.

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