Press Release

Today the Public Media Alliance, representing 88 public media organisations worldwide, issued a “Global Call Out” in support of the core values of public service media.

“There has never been a better opportunity, nor more urgent need, for public media organisations to come together and advocate for their shared principles,” said Public Media Alliance [PMA] CEO, Sally-Ann Wilson,

The core values of public media – access, accuracy, accountability, creativity, impartiality, independence and high standards of journalism – all underpin informed democracy. These values build and sustain public trust in media.

Public media organisations are often strong brands, both within their own jurisdictions and internationally. This ‘Global Call Out’ aims to build on that work; to advocate specifically and internationally for the positive role of public media and its value to citizens.

As an important part of this initiative, PMA is establishing a new Global Task Force for Public Media. This Global Task Force – linking global leaders and organisations such as the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) who share public media values  –  will work to develop a consensus and single, strong voice around the issues and challenges facing public media. PMA has asked Catherine Tait, President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, a founding member of PMA, to chair this Task Force.

“I am honoured to accept this invitation from PMA to chair this Global Task Force for Public Media”, said Catherine Tait. “This is an important opportunity to strengthen the great work each of us does for citizens in our countries. I look forward to working with other like-minded public media around the world.”

Next Steps

The Global Call Out is the first step in building a wider network to advocate for the value of public service media worldwide. Individuals and organisations that support PSM values can sign up to receive the latest public media news and be called upon to contribute to the global debate surrounding public media, especially at times of crisis.

The Global Task Force for Public Media, led by CBC/Radio-Canada President and CEO, Catherine Tait,  is the next step of the Call Out that will work specifically with public media leaders and organisations. More information about this exciting and necessary initiative will be available very soon.

For more information and to sign up to our Global Call Out, follow the link below or email:

Header Image: Image of ABC workers in Sydney protesting following the raid on ABC. Credit: Brendan Esposito/ABC