In partnership with the Commonwealth Foundation and the Elizabeth R Broadcasting Fund, the CBA awarded 2012’s travel bursaries to the following broadcast professionals. Here are their original proposals:

Cornelius A Akujobi, Senior Technical Officer, Federal Radio Corporation (FRCN) of Nigeria

Cornelius will travel to Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to observe its digital transmission. Ghana switched to digital transmission in 2009 and he feels that their experience will help his corporation avoid any future pitfalls when they go digital.

“Thank you CBA and Commonwealth Foundation and ER Fund for giving me the 2012 travel bursary award to go to Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to learn the latest digital broadcasting technology skills. I and my organisation, and the country at large, are highly grateful for this wonderful opportunity, especially now that we are transforming from analogue to digital broadcasting. It is a dream come true for me”


Sione ‘I Tupou, Senior Video Editor, Tonga Broadcasting Commission (TBC)

Sione will do a placement at TVNZ (New Zealand) where he will work alongside experienced editors in production. It would be beneficial to his organisation if he could acquire these skills and share with them with his colleagues in Tonga. Most of the staff at TBC have been trained on the job, and this opportunity to receive expert training from an experienced editor would benefit Sione and his station immensely.



Nasrullah Md Irfan, Director, Bangladesh Betar

Nasrullah Md Irfan will travel to India to gain practical experience of how the media address HIV/Aids and the types of programmes that are produced related to HIV/Aids. He feels that this opportunity will help him with acquiring knowledge, sharing ideas and developing production techniques. Bangladesh Betar, along, with its 12 regional stations, regularly broadcasts health-related programmes where HIV/Aids is widely covered.

“I am very delighted to know that I been awarded the CBA Travel Bursary 2012. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to carry out my outlined project. Undoubtedly the proposed travel bursary would be used for acquiring knowledge, sharing ideas and to enrich my experiences to serve my organisation in a more befitting manner”.


Gary Allen, Deputy Managing Director, RJR Group

Gary will travel to Australia to see how Jamaica could be involved in various news and programme exchanges with broadcasters in the South Pacific. This opportunity will also help assist the regulatory understanding of broadcasting issues over the process of digital switchover, which is imminent in the Caribbean. Gary feels by going to Australia he will be able to seek support and advice from other broadcasters on how to enhance media independence and freedom against political interference in broadcasting.



Joyce Mhaville, Managing Director, ITV Independent Television, Tanzania

In December 2011, Dar es Salaam experienced the worst floods in 30 years. As a broadcaster Joyce’s station did its best to cover all critical areas, but they did this from understanding not experience. Joyce will attend the CBA General Conference to be held in Brisbane, Australia. The theme of the conference is extremely important and relevant to the extraordinary crises happening all over the world. From unprecedented climate change and conflicts, to hunger, these issues are crucial for broadcasters in Tanzania, and Africa as a whole.



Chandra Shekher, Producer, Lok Sabha TV India

In a country where every third individual cannot read and write, education can be a major step to development, and Chandra believes that Lok Sabha Television can play a major role in educating the masses. Chandra will use the bursary to research how educational channels work in other parts of the world, and how they share knowledge with audiences. Chandra also believes that engaged citizens are fundamental to a healthy democracy, and he will find out how public service broadcasting is engaging the public in Canada using latest technologies.

“Travelling is the best way of learning and as a journalist, I am lucky that I can share what I learn with millions of people. I am delighted about being awarded CBA Travel Bursary –  it gives me a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the role of educational television in Canada, and how in India we can use television for spreading education”.

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