A new agreement led to the foundation of a new joint TV network in Patagonia, which will transmit relevant events and news across the region.

Early this week in Rawson, Argentina, during a meeting briefed by the Federal Council of National Public TV (Consejo Federal de la TV Pública Nacional), representatives of Patagonia’s radio and TV stations agreed to form a new joint network in a bid to raise the profile of public media in the region.

The channels of the new network, Red Patagónica de la TV Publica (Patagonian Network of Public TV), will transmit Patagonia’s news and events simultaneously. These will also be aired weekly on state television stations.

The network will cover the provinces of La Pampa, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz y Tierra del Fuego, where viewers will be able to access content ranging from sports and politics to economy, culture and tourism across the whole region.

The network will also air the Auracanía Games, Federal Football Tournaments and other major events as well as traditional festivals from each province.

Red Patagónica “will allow the provinces to move towards an integrated public television and a regional vision of reality,” said Miguel Vítola, Public Communication Secretary.

The new “patagonic” network will officially be on-air from 17 September.