National broadcasters from Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Colombia have signed a new transnational agreement for joint work and an exchange of programming across the continent.
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The deal was signed at the end of 7th International Forum on Public Media in Chile, a joint initiative between the National Television Council of Chile (CNTV) and the World Bank, which took place earlier this month.

The deal lays groundwork for an exchange of “informative journalism”, children’s programming and other content as well as a proposal to create a fund for joint productions, according to CNTV.

Of particular note is the proposal for a children’s news programme, which will include input from children across the countries involved. “The aim is to create a virtual platform with studies, guides, courses, codes of ethics and content for the training and exchange of knowledge on public media” said CNTV.

The proposals for this exchange network have been largely welcomed in Chile’s National Congress due to its potential to better inform the Chilean public of regional news and issues, according to diarioUchile.

The network is due to be launched in 2018.

By Kristian Porter