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PSM Unpacked | Covering elections for young audiences

In our next roundtable, we'll look at the different ways that public media covers elections for young audiences.

image of a computer screen with the EDUbox programme.

Media literacy digital library live now!

The Public Media Alliance's newly launched media literacy digital library aims to bolster the skills of Caribbean educators and journalists.


RNZ research shows growing recognition of PSM value

RNZ research revealed an increase in people's trust and appreciation of the public broadcaster's value and role in society. 

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WPFD: Public service media and the environmental crisis

We speak to leading public service media about how they’re facing up to the environmental crisis, in their journalism and organisations.

WPFD: NBC Namibia: Sport coverage and protecting the environment

The head of sport at NBC Namibia, Sackie Shikufa, shares how the sports department is confronting the environmental crisis.

BBC World Service reveals for the first time that 310 of its journalists are working in exile

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day, the BBC is announcing for the first time that over 300 World Service journalists are working in exile.

CPB and PBS Partner Extend Impact of Early Childhood Education Resources and Content

CPB and PBS today announced partnerships with 14 public media stations for the Ready To Learn-funded early childhood educational resources.

Applications open for media literacy bootcamp for Caribbean media workers

Media practitioners from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago can now apply for our media & information literacy bootcamp!

PSM Weekly | 24 – 30 April 2024

Our weekly round-up of public service media related stories and headlines from around the world.

Developing a library of media literacy resources for Caribbean educators and journalists

Behind the scenes: In this Insight report, we explore how PMA is developing a digital library of media literacy resources for educators and journalists.

Information must not become a class issue

Swedish Radio leadership have emphasised the necessity of equitable information access following a visit to Ukraine's public broadcaster.

Le Groupe de travail mondial pour les médias publics condamne la destruction de la tour de télévision de Kharkiv, en Ukraine

La destruction d’une tour de télévision par ce qu’on soupçonne être une frappe aérienne russe à Kharkiv est une tentative de réduire au silence les médias d’information et de restreindre l’accès à…

Global Task Force for public media condemns destruction of TV tower in Kharkiv, Ukraine

The destruction of a TV tower by a suspected Russian missile strike in Kharkiv is an attempt to silence news media and constrain access to vital news and information, says the Global Task Force for…

Slovak government pushes ahead with move to replace RTVS, dealing fresh blow to media freedom

The plans fuel media capture concerns and present a real threat to independent public service media and media freedom in Slovakia.