Join us on Wednesday 10 April for a roundtable discussion with public media colleagues from around the world, on the subject of Prominence.  

Staff at PMA’s member organisations are invited to attend our latest PSM Unpacked roundtable. In this session, we will examine the issue of prominence in the era of smart technology and changing consumption habits. What does prominence look like in this landscape, and what initiatives are being taken to promote the prominence of public service media? 

To register, please email by Monday 8 April. 

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The arrival and uniquity of smart devices has revolutionised how audiences consume content, providing seemingly limitless levels of on-demand content from both domestic and international content producers, from legacy media brands to the newer digital platforms.  

This has created a problem for public service media, who through linear services, have traditionally received most prominence, but have lost this on smart devices, where instead, this billing has been predominantly given to international streaming brands or third-party platforms, such as Netflix, Disney+ or YouTube. Some are also given the added prominence of a specific button on a remote control.  

Such technological advancements have a significant consequence for public service media. It has repercussions when considering core public media values such as accessibility, universality, and relevance. Such consequences are being recognised, and efforts are now underway to try to ensure that public media has greater prominence across devices and platforms.   

Are you a member of staff at a PMA member and your role focuses on the use of digital technologies in the organisation? Or perhaps you’d like to learn from your peers and consider ways to implement digital approaches in your work? Then this session is the right fit for you. We will bring together public media workers from across PMA’s global network who are at varying stages in implementing digital technologies.

During this session, we’ll consider topics related to prominence such as:

  • What does the current landscape look like when considering public media and smart devices – such as Smart TVs, smart speakers, in-car systems and so on. 
  • What impact can regulations and legislation have in different jurisdictions? 
  • What efforts are going into restoring public media’s prominence across devices and platforms?  
  • Will public media ever have the same level of prominence as it did before? 
  • How can public media adapt to this new environment?  

During this session, we’ll also be looking at specific case studies and hearing from certain organisations from around the world to examine the efforts going into providing some level of prominence for public media.

Speakers will be announced very soon. 

Wednesday 10 April 2024, 1200, UK-time 

(Check your local time here)

*The session will last around 60 minutes. 

Via Zoom.  

The session will be recorded for PMA’s records but will not be published publicly. Instead, a summary sheet of key discussion points, practical advice and resources mentioned will be made available shortly after the forum via our website and sent out to participants.  

Participants will receive a link to the roundtable meeting upon registration.  

Register your interest in PSM Unpacked:

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Please register by Monday 8 April. 

Featured image: Watching tv and using remote control. Credit: gpetric/iStock.