A commitment to Māori content

24th January 2024
Jana Te Nahu Owen has been appointed as RNZ’s new Māori Commissioner, and will lead the commissioning of Māori content in the RNZ team, emphasising her technical expertise and kaupapa Māori vision.
Wellington New Zealand - February 9 2020: Sign on building of Radio New Zealand, which is the main public broadcaster in radio, providing commercial-free radio. Credit: Jon lyall/Shutterstock

This press release was originally published on RNZ

RNZ has appointed Jana Te Nahu Owen (Ngāti Kahungunu, Te Āti Awa) to lead the sourcing, commissioning, developing and publishing of Māori content.

As RNZ’s Māori Commissioner, Te Nahu Owen, will have a key role within the RNZ Commissioning Team, where at least half of the commissions (defined using partnership, participation and protection) are Māori content.

RNZ Head of Content Megan Whelan said the role of Māori Commissioner was integral to the RNZ Commissioning Team’s success and Te Nahu Owen brings a wealth of experience to the role.

“Jana brings technical knowledge, having trained in audio engineering and spent over six years in RNZ operations, as well as production knowledge having worked as a Producer for Music 101 for the last two and half years. On top of all of this, Jana has a kaupapa Māori vision that she brings to RNZ that was exactly what we wanted for this role where sparking curiosity and kōrero for diverse audiences is so important. We are stoked that Jana is staying with the RNZ whānau for this important role.”

Te Nahu Owen, who is the second generation of her family to work for RNZ, said she feels extremely honoured with the new appointment.

“I grew up in the studios of RNZ watching my father work, I remember being completely enthralled with his mahi and with broadcasting in general.

“Eight years into my tenure here, I have a good understanding of RNZ’s vision and commitment to Māori content, and the importance of this role to achieve it.

“I intend to work hard on this kaupapa and I hope to bring mana to the role, the content makers and to RNZ.”

Te Nahu Owen started the role mid-January 2024.

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