PSM: An Introduction is a service exclusively for our members: onehour virtual seminars for new staff or apprentices at public broadcasters, to educate them about public media worldwide, and where they fit in. 

Are you a member of the Public Media Alliance and want to ensure that your new staff understand the important role that public service media (PSM) plays in democratic society? Sign up for our new service PSM: An Introduction where we will give a presentation to your staff on this topic. 

What is PSM: An Introduction?

  • In this one-hour seminar – which can be done both in-person or online – we will guide new recruits through the history of public media, what distinguishes it from other media companies, and why it remains so essential today.
  • We will contextualise your broadcaster within a global context and illustrate how they now belong to a global network of public service media.
  • We will detail the key pillars of public service media – from accountability to transparency, value to impartiality – and will explain the mechanisms which ensure public service media remains independent and trusted.


As new staff undergo onboarding, it is critical they understand and engage with their new employer – its mission, its values, and its wider role in society. They may have come straight from education, or they may have come from a different media company, and so ensuring they recognise the importance of public service media is imperative.  

But there are many questions which new employees might have: What is public service media? What makes it unique? What separates public media from private or state media?  

Some might even be sceptical about the need for public service media, and think it is an outdated concept in a digital world.  

This is where the PSM: An Introduction comes in to put the case for public media to them.  

How to apply?

If you think PSM: An Introduction would be useful to your staff, please get in touch with our Editorial Manager, Harry Lock, to arrange a session.

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Find out more

Come to us with a specific idea for training or educating on a particular subject, and we will facilitate a one-hour virtual PSM Masterclass to assist you.

Featured Image: People outside the main entrance to the BBC’s Broadcasting House building in central London. Credit: georgeclerk / iStock