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Radiodays Asia (Catch Up)

24 – 26 March 2021


Radiodays Asia rescheduled its second international gathering of producers, media practitioners, academics and all other parties interested in the future of radio in Asia for March 2021. The event took place virtually. We recommend regularly looking back at the event website as organisers have been sharing updates about sessions and confirmed speakers for the conference.

Watch the sessions again on the Catch Up platform.

Welcoming New Neighbours: How public media works for refugees and asylum seekers

As publicly funded organisations, public media must be representative of and accessible to all groups within society. This includes welcoming new residents, such as refugees and asylum seekers, as they integrate into new environments.

Join the Public Media Alliance for a special online event as part of Refugee Week, exploring how public broadcasters are covering the lives of refugees and asylum seekers as they make new homes here in the UK.

May 2021

World Press Freedom Day 2021 International Conference

29 April -3 May

Windhoek, Namibia and virtual

UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day (3 May) provides an opportunity to remind governments of their commitments towards protecting press freedom. The theme for this year’s WPFD is “Information as a Public Good”. 

UNESCO is hosting the 2021 International Conference with the Government of Namibia across three days. The conference will have a hybrid nature by combining in-person and virtual participation. This will allow media workers, academics, researchers, film-makers, activists and more to take part from all over the world. It will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration for the Development of a Free, Independent and Pluralistic Press.

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2021 PBS Annual Meeting 

10 – 17 May


“The 2021 PBS Annual Meeting will be held during the weeks of May 10 and May 17, with pre-conference workshops scheduled for May 10, General Sessions scheduled for May 11-12, and follow up breakout sessions slated for May 18-20. As our first fully virtual conference, we are excited to offer all members of the public television community the opportunity to connect, collaborate and participate at no cost. 

Join general managers, programmers, producers, development leaders, and promotion, communication, education, and digital professionals as we spotlight PBS content while sharing new and innovative ideas to meet the changing funding and media environment. As the premier gathering of public television colleagues and decision makers, we are thrilled to bring together our colleagues once again.”

[Text sourced from PBS]

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Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference 2021

18 May – 3 June


The Dataharvest Conference is organised by the Arena for Journalism in Europe and “provides a space for such networking, sharing, learning and innovation. The growing number of participants (from 35 in 2011 to 470 in 2018) indicates both a need and interest in such a meeting place from the European journalism community.

The Dataharvest conference wishes to provide a European Newsroom Moment for its participants. It is a meeting point where networks are established and nurtured, interesting data and documents shared, new cross-border projects conceived and teams established, necessary skills taught and pressing issues discussed.”

[Text sourced from the Arena]

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June 2021

WAN-IFRA Virtual Newsroom Summit

8-10 June

2021 will continue to be a year of further collaboration and joint learnings as publishers tackle all the same challenges around the world. On 8 – 10 June, newsroom leaders around the world will meet to discuss how newsrooms have changed in the past months and their plans for 2021 in leading remotely while remaining agile. How are publishers adding value for their readers to keep them on board and engaged during these challenging times? Join us for inspiration and discussions! This year we will devote one day to CMS solutions.

[Text sourced from WAN-IFRA]

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Global Media Forum 2021

14-15 June

The 2021 Deutsche Welle (DW) Global Media Forum will be held as a hybrid event and will explore ways to address disruptions through innovation. Preliminary themes include “diversity – a future strategy for quality media”; “mission impossible? Political communication in the era of disruption”; and “conspiracy theories and fake news – how media can regain trust.” The Forum provides a platform for media professionals, as well as decision-makers from culture, business, politics, education, and other sectors, to get together and learn through intercultural exchange. 

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Virtual PRIX Jeunesse Conference

14-15 June

Via Microsoft Teams

While the worldwide pandemic still has a grip on all of us, we would like to bring the world of children’s TV together in this non-festival year. In a two day conference on 14th /15th June you will have a chance on the first day to learn about news for children. On the second day the winners and runners’ up of PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL 2020 will talk about their newest projects and tell how they are managing in these challenging pandemic times.”

[Text sourced from PRIX Jeunesse]

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PMJA 2021 Virtual Conference

22-24 June

This year’s Public Media Journalists Association (PMJA) Conference has gone virtual! The event will feature several sessions, targeted at journalists across all levels of an organisation. PMJA supports, empowers and advocates for journalists working in public media. 

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July 2021

Digital Media Africa 2021

6-7 July 


WAN-IFRA is hosting its fifth edition of Digital Media Africa, inviting media workers from across the region to join in table discussions and workshops covering trust in media and journalism, new business models and subscription strategies, and a chance to network with other media organisations.

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The Future of News


12 July 

“This conference will examine the future of news provision in the UK in light of ongoing regulatory developments, and the potentially transformative effect of emerging news sources and new entrants.

The conference is taking place following the establishment of the Digital Markets Unit, which will look at the relationship between platforms and content providers. It also follows the precedent set by the recent news media bargaining code in Australia for addressing perceived power imbalances between news businesses and large digital platforms.”

Speakers include:

Emily Bell, Leonard Tow Professor of Journalism, Columbia University

Creina Chapman, Deputy Chair and CEO, Australian Communications and Media Authority

Francesca Unsworth, Director, News and Current Affairs, BBC 

Contributions from Google, The Bristol Cable, and The Guardian Foundation.

[Text sourced from Westminster Media Forum]

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13-22 July 

Co-produced by revenue experts as Greater Public and PBS Development Services, the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC) brings together public media leaders and revenue-generating individuals to develop new ways to ‘build a more sustainable future for public media’. According to organisers, it is ‘public media’s largest conference devoted to issues surrounding revenue generation, marketing, and management.’

The PMDMC will be taking place virtually once again.

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