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PSM Unpacked [Recurring]

The challenges facing public service media are not only growing but are also shared more widely than ever before. From funding to journalist safety, this series of roundtable forums is designed for PMA members to discuss these challenges and also share innovations, successes and solutions.

Each session, a small group of employees at PMA member organisations gather to informally exchange knowledge and best practices, and discuss how their organisations manage operations across different subject areas.

The sessions are organised on a regular basis, and bring together people in similar positions at like-minded organisations. They are also good networking opportunities, so staff can meet and speak with their global peers.

Date: 23 November 2023

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Networking Africa’s investigative journalists

1st November 2023 


On the first anniversary of NAIRE’s launch, we’ll host a seminar with one of its founders, Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas. Anas will discuss NAIRE’s mission and the opportunities it opens for African investigative journalists and the profession as a whole. 

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UNESCO: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists – 2023 Global Commemoration

2nd November 2023

Organisation of American States Main Building, Washington DC, USA 

Organized by UNESCO, in partnership with the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), the InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and its Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression (RELE), the event will focus on the violence against journalists, the integrity of elections, and the role of public leadership.

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INMA Webinar: AI: the Next Revolution for Content Creation

2nd November 2023 

How AI can be introduced into newsrooms is at the center of an INMA Webinar featuring Dr. Mario R. García. This presentation is a road map to the emergence of AI for news media companies everywhere.

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INMA New Delhi Future Technology and AI-Led Study Tour

2nd-3rd November 

New Delhi, India

The INMA study tour focuses on the latest updates on tools, solutions, and trends in AI and emerging technology impacting news media.

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Digital Platforms and Democracy: Journalism and Political Communication in a World of Polycrisis

3rd-5th November 2023

Piraeus, Greece

In principle, having as many opportunities as possible for everyone to be “heard” in the public space would enhance meaningful discussion and deliberation in digital interactive environments, contributing to the deepening of democratic norms and values, by fostering the development of robust global digital publics, in which everyone has a voice.

However, humanity and democracy are currently in a major crisis and digitalization mediates this crisis. This conference looks at the role of journalism and media in the 21st Century society and the ideal types of journalism practice in the current digital media environment as we continue to encounter challenges to and transformations of our digital media landscapes.

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INMA Master Class: Newsroom Innovation

7th-15th November 2023

Join some of the most experienced and innovative working journalists and news leaders in the world, plus academics and leadership experts, as they share what we still need to do to accelerate newsroom transformation and face multiple challenges.

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Reaching Young Audiences: Investigating media content for children and young people in a multi-platform era.

9th-10th November 2023


Much has happened in the production, distribution and consumption of film and media content for children and young audiences in the past years, both with regards to the nature of the content produced and the way in which this content reaches its intended audience. This conference investigates both historical and current aspects of a wide variety of productions for children and young audiences, focusing on film and television as well as content for social media and new platforms.

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Global Media Congress

14 – 16 November 2023

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), UAE

Facilitating global business connections and brand reinvention in the new media landscape.

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The African Investigative Journalism Conference 2023

20th-22nd November 2023 

Johannesburg, South Africa

AIJC is the continent’s leading gathering of working journalists and showcase of the continent’s best investigative reporting.

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Roundtable: Green Energy on sets 

21st November 2023

Green production has gained ground in European broadcasting and a growing number of organizations are making serious efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. One considerable item is the energy consumption needed to power our shows, and its associated carbon emissions.

Procuring green energy or finding cleaner solutions beyond diesel generators is not always easy. This roundtable is designed to help share experiences and recommendations on how broadcasters and producers can lower their energy related footprint.

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World Association of News Publishers-IFRA Newsroom Summit 2023

24 – 25 November

Oslo, Norway

What is the winning strategy for producing, packaging and distributing content? How can you connect better with the future generation of readers? What are the key tactics for an audience-first approach to improving engagement and better coverage of news that are essential to drive reader revenue strategies? How to best leverage and embrace machine learning and artificial intelligence in newsrooms? These questions and more will be discussed at the Newsroom Summit. Seize this opportunity to spend two intensive days learning from pioneering newsrooms, both large and small.

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Assessing the quiet press freedom gains in Bulgaria

31st November

In the last two years, Bulgaria has undergone a subtle yet steady period of improvement in press freedom. Long ranked among the worst countries in the EU for media freedom, the Eastern European country is finally now experiencing an upward trajectory after years of stagnation. After the formation of a coalition government following a protracted political crisis, there is cautious hope amongst the journalistic community that this positive momentum can now be consolidated. However, engrained challenges regarding media ownership, lawsuits and the safety of journalists continue, and recent gains are fragile.

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ARIJ 16th Annual Forum

1 -3 December 2023

Amman, Jordan

This year’s ARIJ 16th Annual Forum is held under the theme that reflects these ideas: “Cross Border Collaboration in a Fragmented World”. It emphasises the importance of collaboration and joining efforts among countries that support democracy and human rights, as well as independent institutions, initiatives, and individuals with the goal of enhancing collaboration, sharing experiences, skills, solidarity, and support. Cross border collaboration among the trio of journalists, fact-checkers, and whistleblowers, as adopted by ARIJ , aims to play a pivotal role in the Arab world in uncovering corruption that many try to cover up, as well as achieving a deeper understanding of different societies and cultures.

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EBU Production Technology Seminar 2024

30th January – 1st February 2024

Geneva, Switzerland

The annual Production Technology Seminar focuses on recent and future developments in media production technology. It is a key industry event for those needing to make informed strategic decisions in the technical domain.

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Last Updated: 6th November 2023

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DIGITAL VIOLENCE | Issues & challenges for women in Haiti (French)

As a prelude to International Women’s Day 2022, PMA and its partners PANOS Caribbean, UNESCO Haiti, and Solidarite des femmes haitiennes journalistes (SOFEHJ) organised an event in Haiti on digital safety for female journalists.

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The impacts of COVID-19 on the Southeast Asian media landscape

On Thursday 20th January, the Public Media Alliance (PMA), in partnership with the Asia Democracy Network (ADN) and with support from UNESCO Bangkok, launched a report exploring the state of media freedom, media business viability and journalist safety in ten countries in Southeast Asia during the COVID-19 crisis, and an accompanying draft Media Recovery Plan. We were joined by media stakeholders from across the region and the project’s country experts to share their insights on the challenges and threats facing journalists and media workers.

Radiodays Asia 2021

Talking COVID – The personal Experience

Catch up with PMA’s session from this year’s Radiodays Asia, where we spoke to journalists and radio producers about their experiences during the pandemic and discussed the innovations and changes in the way we work that are here to stay.

Watch the sessions again on Radioday’s Catch Up platform.

Welcoming New Neighbours: How public media works for refugees and asylum seekers

As publicly funded organisations, public media must be representative of and accessible to all groups within society. This includes welcoming new residents, such as refugees and asylum seekers, as they integrate into new environments.

Catchup with the Public Media Alliance’s special online event as part of Refugee Week, exploring how public broadcasters are covering the lives of refugees and asylum seekers as they make new homes here in the UK.

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