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PBI 2019 Conference

“Creating value for society in a rapidly changing world”

9–11 September 2019, Helsinki, Finland
Musiikkitalo, Mannerheimintie 13 A

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September 2019

Digital Media Africa 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa

12-13 September

Hosted by WAN-IFRA, the 2-day conference will explore how to fund digital newsrooms and sustain media in Africa’s changing media landscape.

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Future of Journalism Conference

Cardiff, Scotland

12 – 13 September

The conference will take place in the Cardiff University’s new state-of-the-art home in Cardiff’s city centre. The theme will be “Innovations, Transitions and Transformations.”

Distinguished keynote speakers will be Professor Andrew Chadwick (Loughborough University), Professor Adrienne Russell (University of Washington), and Professor Nikki Usher (University of Illinois).

A selection of papers presented at the conference will be published in special issues of the international peer-reviewed journals Digital Journalism, Journalism Practice and Journalism Studies. Routledge / Taylor & Francis have kindly agreed to sponsor the conference.

The registration fee will be £250 (£200 for postgraduate students), which includes tea and coffee breaks as well as the conference dinner (to be held on the evening of 12 September)

(Text taken from Cardiff University) 

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IBC 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

13-17 September

The IBC show is one of the world’s leading media, technology and entertainment events, featuring five days of discussion, demonstrations, exhibitions and workshops for media practitioners.

Last year the influential conference brought together 55,000 attendees from 150 countries alongside 1,700 technology suppliers.

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Fifth Conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics

Loughborough University (UK)

16 – 17 September

The conference will focus on academic research surrounding the relationship between media and political processes across the world. Professor Stuart Soroka, (University of Michigan) will be delivering a keynote lecture. The conference will bring together scholars researching the intersection between politics and news media, providing a forum for academics from a range of disciplines, countries and methodologies to advance research within this area.

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Radio as a Social Media: community, participation, public values in the platform society

University of Siena (Italy)

19 – 21 September

The conference seeks to bring together scholars, from a range of disciplines,  who are exploring the entanglement between radio/ audio/ digital media and society. The 2019 theme will be: Radio as a Social/ Convivial Media: community, participation, public values in the platform society.  The conference will discuss topics surrounding, for example, what is the role of radio within this new media ecosystem?

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Radiodays 2019, Denmark

Huone Copenhagen, Denmark

 20 September

The Radiodays conference is the annual opportunity for everyone who works with audio and radio to sharpen their radio skills, get inspired and get new ideas, as well as a unique opportunity to network and get to know new colleagues and competitors.

The radio medium stands stronger than it has for many years. With a growing turnover and an increase in digital listening, the media is more in focus than it has long been – Especially the podcast is attracting increasing attention – both politically and socially.

For more info: info@radiodays.dk 

(Text sourced from Radiodays)

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UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Feature Conference 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden

24 – 26 September

Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week, commemorated annually, is a major occasion for stakeholders to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards “MIL for All”.

UNESCO and GAPMIL are calling partners all over the world to promote Global MIL Week. Together with its Feature Events (International MIL and Intercultural Dialogue Conference and Youth Agenda Forum), Global MIL Week calls for local events around the world to promote MIL connections across disciplines and professions.

(Text sourced from UNESCO)

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Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies

Bonn, Germany

26 – 28 September

The Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies features research addressing the following annual themes:

Theme 1: Media Cultures

Theme 2: Media Theory

Theme 3: Media Technologies and Processes

Theme 4: Media Business

Theme 5: Media Literacies

(Text sourced from On Communication Media) 

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October 2019

1st Regional Journalists Days 

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2 – 3 October

The right to freedom of expression is largely declining in South-East Europe. In order to empower journalists to deal with increased number of challenges, Civil Rights Defenders is organising the 1st Regional Journalists Days. 

The event is envisaged as an open space for discussing the challenges ahead for journalists, citizens’ journalists and media workers that are working in increasingly hostile environments. In addition to this, CRD aims to raise their capacities to tackle upcoming challenges and opportunities for advancing freedom of expression in the region. The event will provide a platform for journalists and citizens’ journalists to learn, network, exchange good and bad practices, and discuss common issues and potential solutions

(Text taken from EFJ)

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8th European Communication Conference – ECREA

Braga, Portugal

2-5 October

European Communication Conferences (ECC) are biennial large-scale international conferences, which typically bring together around 1.300 communication scholars form Europe and beyond. All ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) Sections, Temporary Working Groups and Networks partake in the programme of the conference.

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Crisis6 2-10 – Innovations in Risk & Crisis Communication

Leeds, UK

3 – 5 October 

Registration for the conference has opened. Early bird registration has closed and standard registration will continue until 15 September. 

This conference will feature academics and practitioners exploring innovations in risk and crisis communication from artificial intelligence to responding to terrorism and everything in between. In addition to traditional research and case study presentations, there will also be some special sessions.

(Text taken from LeedsTalksPR)

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News Impact Summit 2019: A New Era For Climate Change Reporting

Birmingham, UK

7 October

Hosted by the European Journalism Centre and the Google News Initiative

“2019 marks the fifth year of News Impact, our event series developed to train and engage journalists from across Europe on innovation, improve journalistic coverage and help solve some of the most pressing issues in the news industry. Our goal is to help journalists overcome the economic, technological and political challenges that threaten their work and contribute to building more resilient journalism.”

[Text sourced from the European Journalism Center]

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EBU Accelerating European Media Innovation

Brussels, Belgium

8 October

Come and discuss future media research and innovation projects and policy priorities for 2021-2027. Experience the exciting onsite demos and listen to experts and professionals analyse influencing trends in the media space. The EBU Technology & Innovation department fosters and coordinates the development, standardization and adoption of key innovations that benefit public service media, the European media sector and its audiences. T&I will present key developments and unveil new ones.

(Text taken from EBU)

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International Forum on Self-Censorship and Digital Threats against Female Journalists

El Salvador

8 October – 8 December 

This is a seminar and workshop series. 

This forum will be focused on examining the digital threats faced by female journalists in Latin America, the resulting psychological effects and the link to self-censorship.

(Text taken from UNESCO)

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Infrastructures and Inequalities: Media industries, digital cultures and politics

21 Oct to 22 Oct 2019

Helsinki, Finland

This joint-ECREA section conference, seeks to examine digital/media infrastructures and inequalities from an inter- and multi-disciplinary perspective, inviting papers to interrogate the significance of the ‘infrastructural turn’ in media and communication studies to our understanding of media industries, democracy and digital cultures.

For more information:

ECREA Sections: Communication and Democracy; Digital Culture and Communication; and Media Industries and Cultural Production

(Text taken from nordicom) 

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EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar 2019 

Geneva, Switzerland  

22 – 23 October

The EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar assembles a line-up of leading security experts in the media industry for an exchange on current online security risks, mitigation strategies and industry trends.

MCS is the only industry event focusing on cybersecurity issues as the relate to media organizations in general and public service media in particular. It combines presentations on real-world issues with a focus on practical strategies for media organizations, and adds valuable networking opportunities for experts and professionals in the field.

Topics for discussion: 

  • Cybersecurity Landscape & Standards
  • Vulnerability Management – Working with Hackers
  • Content Piracy and Protection
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Enforcing Cybersecurity Standards at Suppliers
  • and more…

(Text taken from EBU)

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NORDIC Archive and Research Conference

Helsinki, Finland

24 – 25 October

The biennial Nordic Archive and Research Conference brings together media archivists, librarians and journalists to share knowledge and discuss current topics in the fields of archives and research. The next conference will be hosted by the Finnish Broadcasting Company in Helsinki, Finland on the 24th and 25th of October 2019. 

(Text sourced from Research Conference 2019)

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Digital Fortress Europe 

Brussels, Belgium 

30 – 31 October

The conference intends to reflect on the relations between media, migration, and technology. Research shows that media and technologies play a vital role for people who migrate, but that the same media and technologies serve to spread xenophobia, increase societal polarization and enable elaborate surveillance possibilities. This conference aims to critically reflect on what the much-debated notion of “Fortress Europe” means in the digital age and how it can guide our future thinking on media and migration. As such, scholars of media, communication, migration and technology will be stimulated to contribute to critical discussions on border politics and migration debates.

(Text sourced from Digital Fortress Europe)

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November 2019

Conference on the Safety of Journalist – Digital Safety

Oslo, Norway

6 – 8 November 

The conference is in connection with UNESCO’s International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists at OsloMet University and The Freedom of Speech Foundation (Fritt Ord), Norway.     

The conference will focus on digital safety but also invite papers discussing other aspects related to the safety of journalists. The conference will be organised as a mixture of keynote speakers, working groups, panels and paper presentations.

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Seminar: How to Tackle Fake News and Information War in the EU?

Helsinki, Finland 

12 November 

The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES) and The Union of Journalists in Finland are organizing the seminar “Disinformation, Misinformation, Malinformation – How to Tackle Fake News and Information War in the EU?”

Their goal is to identify different forms of misinformation and influence operations, as well as to introduce measures to tackle and regulate them.

The EFJ GS is invited as a guest speaker.

(Text taken from EFJ)

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Video Exchange, Africa

CTICC, South Africa

12 – 13 November

In association with the African Public Broadcasting Association (APBF) and the Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA). The three days of Video Exchange Africa help attendees navigate multi-screen and OTT services, start realising the opportunities of the digital transition, and monetise new content distribution models. 

The agenda is designed to share with you the case study experience of the people redefining broadcasting in Africa, alongside a series of interactive discussions and masterclasses to help you walk away with a plan of action to thrive in the new digital video age.

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December 2019

JERAA 2019 Journalism: Plurality, Precarity and Possibilities

Sydney, Australia 

4 – 6 December

This conference invites papers and panel proposals that address the theme of ‘Journalisms: plurality, precarity and possibilities’. Contributions could address any of the following topics within those themes, or related research: Plurality, Precarity and Possibilities. 

(Text sourced from JERAA)

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Future of Journalism 2019

Cardiff, UK

5 December 

The Call for Papers for the seventh Future of Journalism conference in September 2019 has opened. Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC) will again host the biennial conference which will this year focus upon the theme “Innovations, Transitions and Transformations”. Professor Andrew Chadwick (Loughborough University), Professor Adrienne Russell (University of Washington), and Professor Nikki Usher (University of Illinois) will be the keynote speakers. Contributions on all aspects of journalism are welcomed along with those addressing the conference theme being particularly encouraged.

(Text sourced from Cardiff University)

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Prague Media Point Conference – “What’s Working”

Prague, Czech Republic

5 – 7 December 

Conference for journalists, media professionals, and scholars. Prague Media Point’s mission is to make disruption in the media work for public good by fostering solution-oriented expert gatherings drawing on unique regional perspectives and providing lasting networking experiences.

(Text sourced from Prague Media Point)

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Almaty: Training on Fostering the Relationship Between Security Forces and Journalists

Almaty, Kazakhstan

9 December

UNESCO Almaty jointly with UNODC and Kazakhstani Media Alliance are organizing training workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

30 participants from law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, journalists from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as the International IT University, the UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communications of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University are going to learn how to improve the relationship between security forces and journalists; how security forces play a vital role in protecting and ensuring an environment conducive to freedom of expression, access to information and other fundamental freedoms. The training is consistent with the goals and priorities defined in the UN Action Plan for the Safety of Journalists and the issue of impunity.

(Text taken from UNESCO)

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