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September 2020

2020 IPI World Congress

Postponed until 2021 – online events throughout September

“The IPI team is developing a condensed, virtual IPIWoCo 2020 programme with selected topics and sessions. Through this series of online events spread over September 2020, we will stay both connected and allied in solidarity in these uncertain times when media freedom and quality journalism are ever so important.”

[Text sourced from IPI]

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Digital Media Africa 2020

8 – 9 September


Digital Media Africa 2020 will be held by WAN-IFRA virtually over two days with eight sessions. DM Africa will cover a range of topics including news revenue strategy, entrepreneurship and new business models, and the future of digital advertising. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in breakout discussions in small groups for discussions with the speakers.

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DRM – Advanced Radio for All

9 September

Virtual Event

Under the overarching theme “DRM – Advanced Radio for All” the DRM Consortium has planned to share the latest on the practical advances of DRM in various parts of the world. You will be able to hear about and see the recent improvements to the DRM performance, equipment and receivers.

Registration is completely free and open now. Please register soon, so you are assured of a “front seat”.

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RIPE@Dialogue webinar series

9, 16 and 23 September

The International Association of Public Media Researchers (IAMPR) together with Nordicom – the centre for Nordic media research – are organising 3 webinars under the theme ‘PSM and Universalism’. 

The schedule (sourced from RIPE@Dialogue):

  • Wed 9 Sept, 14-15:30 UTC: What are the foundations of universalism and how do they translate to today’s contexts? (feat. Barbara Thomaß and Peter Goodwin).
  • Wed 16 Sept, 14-15:30 UTC: How have PSM organizations resolved the challenge of universalism? (feat. Karen Donders, Hilde Van den Bulck, Julie Munter Lassen)
  • Wed 23 Sept, 13-14:30 UTC: How are developments such as datafication shaping universalism? Is “personalized enlightenment” possible? (feat. Jannick Kirk Sørensen and Lizzie Jackson)
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Free webinar covers political advertising on Facebook [Worldwide]

16 September 2020

Poynter will be hosting a free webinar on political advertising on Facebook. This webinar is particularly useful for journalists covering elections and campaign spending. The instructors are Nancy Watzman, director of Lynx LLC, and Angie Holan, editor-in-chief of PolitiFact.

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Future of News Summit 2020

22 – 24 September

The Future of News Summit, a new initiative from WAN-IFRA, will bring together editors, business heads and other leaders from across print and digital function to discuss where the news media business is heading to, what are the challenges of journalism and of monetisation in the new order. Best practices from leading newsrooms, technologies that will transform the media landscape, innovations that drive our business, et al. will be discussed and debated. An event custom curated for the news media leaders of the future.

[Text sourced from WAN-IFRA]

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2020 IRE Conference 


21 – 25 September

Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) will hold its 2020 conference virtually, allowing attendees across the United States and around the world to participate in its signature investigative reporting event. Numerous topics, including COVID-19, investigative law enforcement, exposing systemic inequities, the US 2020 election, and career and management skills, are expected to be covered in the conference’s sessions.  

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EU Disinfolab Virtual Conference


28 September – 2 October

The EU Disinfolab Virtual Conference brings together researchers, policymakers, civil society, and online platform representatives for discussions on how to effectively respond to disinformation. The conference’s topics will include the new faces of disinformation, content moderation and safeguarding freedom of speech, disinformation in elections and the democratic process, and content distribution, the COVID-19 infodemic as a game changer, and the monetisation of disinformation. 

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Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference

September – November 2020

“Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference – is the place to network and learn for investigative and data journalists in Europe! And this year also to experiment on new ways of networking and establish collaborations among journalists.

Join the conference if you need training, if you want to learn the background of some of this year’s impressive investigations, if you want to get new data sets and learn how to use them – or if you need to meet colleagues to form the next crossborder group.”

[Text sourced from Dataharvest]

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October 2020

DW Global Media Forum – Media and Information Literacy — a quick fix for digital resilient communities?

5 October

In the next session of Deutsche Welle’s Global Media Forum, panellists will explore how Media and Information Literacy (MIL) – a useful skill in the 21st century – can help citizens become more media-savvy. Information about the panellists are on the Facebook event where the event will be streamed live.

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ICFJ Tribute to Journalists 2020


5 October 2020

This year, the International Center for Journalists is hosting its Annual Awards Dinner online to pay tribute to the vital role that journalists play in providing news and information, particularly in light of the current global health crisis and the protests that took place this year – and that continue to evolve.

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News Impact Summit 


October & November

The News Impact Summit is a free, online event co-hosted by the European Journalism Centre and the Google News Initiative that teaches participants how to use technology “to improve your coverage and newsroom” by sharing strategies, best practices, case studies and resources.

This year’s summit consists of three online conferences taking place in October and November. They include:

‘Innovative Storytelling: Audience First’ (6-8 October)

‘Newsroom strategies: Audio & Voice (20-22 October)

‘Data Journalism: Build Trust in Media’ (3-5 November)

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Northern Waves

8 October

Oslo, Norway

Northern Waves is a one-day conference to help form a large inner circle within the fast paced TV-Tech Industry. The conference launched for the first time in 2018 and is already endorsed by most Scandinavian broadcasters and pay-TV operators. Reputable and experienced names across a multitude of roles will speak, debate, agree and disagree on various relevant current topics that keep us all on our toes, every day of the week.”

Event organisers are still encouraging speakers to participate.

[Text sourced from Northern Waves]

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Digital Media Asia 2020

13-15 October 2020

The Digital Media Asia 2020 conference will closely examine digital media trends to help publishers chart a way forward in a dynamic media landscape, particularly in light of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference will feature three days of plenary sessions, virtual exhibition booths, and power conversations at the end of each day.

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Financial Times: Future of News Digital Conference

14 October 2020

The global news industry is at the forefront of four huge stories: the coronavirus pandemic, the impact of populism, international protests, and a looming economic depression. At the same time, it’s fighting for its own survival amid intense financial pressures. Who should, and who will, fund the quality journalism that informs a news-hungry public? As journalists try to prove they can cover fast-changing news without fear or favour, while coming under attack from politicians, police and various pressure groups, how are media businesses reviewing their reporting and the structure of their newsrooms to more closely reflect social change? This digital conference by FT aims to answer these questions. 

[Text sourced from FT]

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Digital Media Days 2020 – Virtual Edition

15 October 2020

The 2020 Digital Media Days, originally set to be held on 12 March in Milan, has been moved online and will take place on 15 October 2020. The event will be in the form of a one-day virtual conference around the theme “The next generation of makers”. Throughout the day, we will see how the making of content has changed and how the audience and the storyteller have become a key element of the story itself.

[Text sourced from EBU]

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The Newsroom Summit 2020

20-21 October 2020

The Newsroom Summit will focus on editorial strategies for engaging, high-performing, premium content. Topics will include remote leadership and organising the newsroom and ways publishers can add value to their audiences. The summit will also feature breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and open Q&As.

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Radiodays Europe Podcast Day Online 2020

26 October 2020


Radiodays Europe is hosting its annual Podcast Day online this year to enable everyone involved in the world of podcasting to still be attend from anywhere across the globe.

“A thought-provoking agenda with insights and trends from the global podcast industry, including how podcasting has evolved during the Coronavirus pandemic, what audiences are listening to, predictions for the future of podcasting and more!”

More information about speakers and the official programme is being released.

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The Africa Investigative Journalism Conference

26-28 October 2020


AIJC2020 will be a virtual gathering, a series of online events spread over the month of October. There will be a full and rich programme and many opportunities to engage with colleagues, network with the best on the continent, share your work, and learn about what is happening on the cutting edge of in-depth reporting and data journalism tools and techniques.

We will be releasing details of the programme in coming weeks and of fellowships to enable (virtual) participation.”

[Text sourced from AIJC]

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November 2020

Data Journalism: Build Trust in Media

3-5 November 2020


“How can journalists combine data analysis with traditional reporting? How can data journalism counter misinformation? How can we lobby for better access to data? At this Summit, we’ll take you behind the scenes of some of the most successful data-driven stories out there. We will share the latest technology tools and resources to help advance your data skills, and showcase newsroom collaborations that are on the right path to advance data journalism.”

This event is one of several summits hosted by News Impact, a programme organised by the European Journalism Centre and the Google News Initiative. 

[Text sourced from News Summit]

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Digital Media Europe 2020


10-12 November 2020

Digital Media Europe 2020 will cover the topics of Subscription Marketing and Premium Advertising, with a special focus on local media. 

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The AIBs 2020

13 November 2020

The Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) will be hosting its 16th awards night ceremony online on 13 November to celebrate “journalism and factual television, radio, audio and digital productions in any language.” More information to follow shortly.

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Science in the Newsroom Global Summit 2020

23-24 November

Global health emergencies look set to be a part of our lives. What awaits us in 2021 and what lessons can we draw from COVID-19 coverage to better equip newsrooms and journalists to move from reactive storytelling to considered and impactful journalism? This two day, open, online event will tap expert views on future public health crises, showcase best practice journalism that has emerged in 2020, give ideas on how to elevate your coverage so that you are recognised as a credible provider of science news, and suggest how to develop specialist skills in your newsroom.

[Text sourced from WAN-IFRA] 

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Trust in Journalism Conference 2020

23-25 November 2020

With misinformation and disinformation on the rise, it is no doubt that public trust in authorities, public services and even the media has declined. 

In its third year, journalists, academics, publishers, students and anyone else active in the media industry are invited by IMPRESS to participate in its three-day, online conference where participants will have the opportunity to discuss the “issues of standards in journalism, tools for high-quality reporting, the challenges of building trust with audiences in the present context, and learn about some of the fantastic efforts being made in the sector and their impact.”

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