Grants of up to £1,500 for employees of Public Media Alliance member organisations to visit another country (except the UK) for approximately one to two weeks.

Supported by The Grace Wyndham Goldie Trust

CLOSED Look out for our next round of PMA Global Grants in Autumn 2019

The Grant is provided for a media project that would benefit the grantees organisation, society and meet the objectives of the Public Media Alliance (PMA) and the grant-funding organisation.

As part of the project, the successful participant will also be required to plan an exchange between their own PMA member organisation and that of the country they intend to visit. On completion of the project the grantee is required to submit a report, pictures and an account of their experiences.

In 2018, Global Grants (then called Travel Bursaries) were awarded to PMA members from Pakistan, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Canada, Botswana, Lesotho and Mauritius.  They included a senior producer exploring how to make better and more engaging health radio programmes; a media and content manager learning about how media regulators deal with disinformation; a product and audience lead interviewing leaders in innovation, data and digital content development; a reporter learning how to better serve multilingual communities through radio; and a media manager sharing his knowledge and approach to team building and adaptation strategies.

Beyond the wider aim of developing knowledge and skills, the PMA Global Grant provides a unique opportunity for international networking.  It also enable individuals to develop new ways of exercising freedom of expression and facilitate work on projects that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Meet our 2019 Global Grantees and their project proposals

Meet our 2018 Global Grantees (travel bursaries) and find out more about their exchanges

The objectives

  •  To develop the skills and knowledge of employees of PMA member organisations who have had limited opportunity for travel
  •  To benefit PMA member organisations and the bursar’s society
  •  To encourage networking between PMA member organisations
  •  Develop better ways of exercising freedom of expression
  •  To work on projects that promote the Sustainable Development Goals

Please note: the closing date for receiving applications has been extended to 28 February 2019. Travel should be noted and all reports completed and submitted before the end of June 2019.

The Public Media Alliance is grateful to the Grace Wyndham Goldie Trust for their continued support for these bursaries.

The Guidelines and Application form can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Requests for further information and completed applications should be sent  to Jas@publicmediaalliance.org


Jas Chandler, our Membership Manager, answers your questions about our Global Grants programme.

The PMA Global Grant is an opportunity to research and explore a programme idea and make contacts on an international learning journey to another country. It also develops the skills and knowledge of employees of PMA member organisations who may have had limited opportunity for travel.

The PMA Global Grants are open to all staff working within Full & Affiliate member organisations of the PMA.

Applicants must make sure that their employer has agreed for them to apply for the grant. Also both the applicant and the employer will need to give a written undertaking that if the grant is awarded that it will be completed within the timeframe and that all reports and accounts will be submitted within two weeks of completing the grant project.

They have helped in transmitting knowledge between both host countries and visitors and an exchange of ideas in a multi-cultural setting and delivered excellent programmes and overall skills development for the individual. Bursars have gone back to their organisations with knowledge and skills to share with their colleagues and management.

I don’t have one favourite Global Grant story as each one has been unique and different. Many of the previous grantees’ stories are shared on our website for you to read:

Our 2014 bursars
Our 2015 bursars
Our 2016 bursars

This can vary depending on the objective of the proposal. Some may travel to neighbouring countries and others to the other side of the world. The grant allows travel to a global network of PMA member countries (excluding the UK).

Yes. The PMA Global Grant is only open to staff working within Full & Affiliate member organisations of the PMA and must have worked for the organisation for at least 3 years.

Grantees are selected on the strength of their applications and on the creativity of their proposal. The grantee must research their project before submitting with a clear outline of which member country and organisation(s) they will be visiting and how this will benefit them and their organisation.

There are only two resections. Firstly, the grantee is restricted on the duration of the grant from 5-14 days (max) as the grant is limited at £1500 and secondly, the grantee cannot travel to the UK to complete their grant.

There is no limit on how many people can apply from the same organisation. However, successful grantees would be selected on the strength of their applications and on the creativity of their proposals and we can only limit one award per organisation.

This year we are offering seven PMA Global Grants of up to £1500 each.

No, but the grantees must travel to another PMA member country. The recipient doesn’t have to use the grant to visit the PMA member in that country.

This will vary on the project or proposal. In the past some grantees have visited and worked within a department of another PMA organisation or they have focused on a subject or genre they want to investigate. We encourage that the grantee does visit the member organisation during their time in the country as part of the grant award as this encourages networking between organisations, but whether they use their award to solely visit a PMA organisation will depend on their project proposal.

The PMA Global Grant covers a return economy airfare, visa costs, accommodation and subsistence for the trip.  A draft budget will need to be submitted when making an application.

Any overspend exceeding £1500 will need to be covered by the individual or their organisation. Receipts will need to be submitted on completion of the travel.

An initial payment of £1000 will be made once you have received confirmation of your award. Payment will be made to your allocated bank account. The remainder will be paid once the final report and all receipts have been submitted.

Services such as dry cleaning, mini bar, changes to travel, and gifts are not covered.

The project will need to be completed by June 2017 and all reports submitted within 2 weeks of completion. If you are awarded a grant, then I can help with the timeframe.

We hope to notify successful individuals by March 2017, after which the awardees will need to send a good quality picture of themselves along with a reaction statement and outline of their project and objective.

We encourage individuals to set up and plan their travel and itinerary themselves. This is an important part of the grant and an essential skill.  However, where individuals find it difficult to obtain a response I will endeavour to assist.

Yes, it is essential that I am updated on the planning progress as sometimes you may require an invitation letter and visas can take time to process, so I will be able to advise you.

After completing your trip, you will need to submit a short report along with 2-3 good quality pictures that we can use on our website. A report template will be sent to you with your award letter to give you an idea of what to include in your report. A final budget and receipts will also need to be submitted. All this information can be emailed to me.

Any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting Jas at info@publicmediaalliance.org

Header Image: Cameraman filming Floats and fancy dress costumes at a Carnival in Pretoria from the top of a bus. Credit: Sunshine Seeds/iStock