Tips, advice and other useful tools for media professionals

For public media to thrive it is essential for journalists and media professionals to be equipped with the latest tools of the trade. Here we have brought together a broad range of useful resources from around the world for media workers to develop and enhance their skills. We strive to update and expand these lists as frequently as possible.

Coronavirus: Resources & best practices

Essential resources for sourcing and reporting news about the coronavirus pandemic


Staying Safe: Tools and resources for reporting on protests

It is vital that journalists are free to safely report on protests. But amidst the challenges of reporting protests during a global pandemic, there has been a spike in the number of attacks on reporters and media workers by police and security forces.

This regularly updated resource highlights recommended tools aimed at keeping media professionals and citizen journalists safe when reporting on protests.


If you have any recommendations please get in touch

Partner Resources

The Ethical Journalism Network

The Ethical Journalism Network produces resources for working journalists, media trainers and journalism students focusing on how to improve media ethics and ethical communications in the public sphere

Check out their excellent ethical journalism resource page!


The International Trade Association for Broadcast & Media Technology’s (IABM) industry-wide glossary provides an extensive resource of essential technical terms for the broadcast and media industry.

Click on the IABM logo to explore their detailed guide to industry terms.

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