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On 18 October 2022, the BBC celebrated its 100th Anniversary. This centenary marked a milestone not just for the BBC, but for public service media worldwide.

Public service media (PSM) provides an invaluable service to society and democracy. This centenary is a fitting time to recognise and celebrate this contribution, and how many citizens across the world benefit from truly independent, public service media.

“The BBC’s centenary marks the birth of public service broadcasting. It set in motion the establishment of the notion that access to quality information, entertainment, and education was a public right, and those who provided it were doing a public service. The notion caught on, and the BBC set a precedent for public service media around the world.”
Kristian Porter, CEO, Public Media Alliance
“In Aotearoa-New Zealand we are in the process of building a stronger public media entity that will be better equipped to respond to the needs of our citizens. The BBC’s enduring relevance, high standards, and independence show what can be achieved.”
Paul Thompson, CEO, Radio New Zealand, & President, Public Media Alliance.
Cilla Benkö
“As we celebrate the first 100 years of public service media, we must also be wary of those who attack the free media. We must stand up to them together. We are also facing new challenges, from global giants that try to capture most of the audiences’ attention. We must make sure that we develop to take on this challenge, in order to continue to play an important role in society. We do this best together, and by exchanging views, ideas and cooperation.”
Cilla Benkö, Director-General, Swedish Radio
“I stand for a ZDF that strengthens social cohesion and for “a ZDF for all”. We want to make an offer for the whole of society. This is the core of our public service programming mandate, and for this to succeed, ZDF needs to be deeply and sustainably rooted in our society.”
Dr Norbert Himmler, Director General, ZDF
Norbert Himmler ZDF
“Throughout this past century, our democratic societies have always developed better when the public service has been able to fully play its role. Let us really hope that this will be the case for the next 100 years, even if this is in no way incompatible with the critical analysis of what the public service produces.”
Gilles Marchand, Director-General, SRG SSR
“Public service media is an essential symbol of a democratic society, a society in which mutual respect and coexistence with diversity flourish”.
Dr Wilasinee Phiphitkul, Director-General, Thai PBS
Wilasinee Phiphitkul, Thai PBS
Wendy Shyu, PTS Taiwan
“Over the years, public service media has been the most trustworthy and dependable friend of the public. It is the window to knowledge and insight, and a benchmark of quality content. A nation is bound together by the value we promote.”
Cindy Shyu, President, PTS Taiwan
“Today, when public media is more vital than ever before in offering trusted news to counter rampant misinformation and disinformation and in bringing us together despite growing polarization, the BBC still stands as a giant of public broadcasting. Its centenary is a moment to reflect on the achievements of public broadcasters — and to renew our efforts to promote the value of public media worldwide.”
Catherine Tait, President and CEO, CBC/Radio-Canada
Catherine Tait


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