PSM Masterclass is an exclusive service for our members. Come to us with a specific idea for training or educating on a particular subject, and we will facilitate a one-hour virtual seminar involving an expert to assist you.

Do you work for a PMA member organisation, and want to have a specific training session on a particular topic or issue you are facing at work? Apply for a PSM Masterclass and we can facilitate a 1-hour presentation and Q&A with a trainer.  

What is a PSM Masterclass?

Is there a particular field of your work where you are looking for some external assistance?

As a few examples:

  • You might be looking for guidance over implementing a Generative AI strategy.
  • You might be exploring alternative funding models and want to speak to someone who has been through/is going through that experience as well.
  • You might want to see how other PSM are looking after journalists and their wellbeing.

Whatever the subject matter or whatever the challenge, PSM Masterclass is designed to help you adapt.

Reach out to the Public Media Alliance with the specific details about what you need some assistance with, and we will connect you to an expert in that subject area from our wider network of PMA members, affiliates, and partners.

How it works... 

  • If you have a specific subject you would like to receive a PSM Masterclass, fill out an application form.
    • Be detailed in your query – make sure you have a specific subject in mind as this will help us when trying to narrow down a person who can help you. Following your application, someone from PMA will be in touch with you to follow-up with your query, and possibly arrange a call to establish more details.
  • PMA will scope around to see who might be able to assist you.
  • PMA will then look to coordinate a time when the PSM Masterclass can take place, and also invite any other PMA members who we believe might be interested in attending this event.

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PSM: An Introduction is a onehour virtual seminar for new staff or apprentices at public broadcasters, to educate them about public media worldwide, and where they fit in. 

Featured Image: Audience members in attendance at the Sunday 6 March 2022 International Women’s Day event, as part of PMA’s Crisis Management Project held in Haiti. Credit: Institut PANOS / Joseph Steevens Samuel