Citizen Engagement

In order to survive and thrive in the digital era public service broadcasters must transition from their role as traditional ‘top-down’ broadcasters to become fully integrated, multiplatform public media organisations

Broadcasting – both television and radio – provide an essential core for any public media organisation and the Public Media Alliance will work to ensure adequate spectrum is available. Our work under this key pillar will also focus on trust, value and public interest – the evolution and framing of PSB/PSM in the digital era.


Access for all citizens should be ensured. Gender and diversity must be accurately promoted and reflected. It is an inherent role of public service media to support cultural diversity and heritage by identifying and nurturing local and regional creative talent.

Digital Integration

This is central to the continuation of public media. It is a clear role of a public media organisation to innovate and drive digital take-up. In an evolving and complex digital media environment public media organisations should play a key role in facilitating and enabling audience media literacy.


Adequate spectrum is required for broadcasting – especially radio – to remain at the heart of public media. The Public Media Alliance will work to support public media organisations in advocating that available spectrum is not ‘squeezed’ by competing commercial interests.

Trust, Value & Public Interest

Trust, value and public interest are critical for public support and is a key focus for the Public Media Alliance. With a unique global overview of public media, we identify and promote key areas of activity that enable public media organisations to engage diverse audiences and build audience trust. The role of public media in crisis, emergency and disaster has already been identified and a focus on conflict resolution is planned.

Other key pillars