What are your organisation’s concerns regarding GenAI?

27th September 2023
PMA members are eligible for an exclusive discount on the latest guidelines from South 180 on Generative Artificial Intelligence
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Generative Artificial Intelligence Guidelines by Media Organisations – An International perspective by South 180.

The report analyses how 34 pioneering media organisations globally are creating their own guidelines to adopt GenAI. It unveils how early adopters are using GenAI and what risks they perceive. It also provides insights on how media companies are guiding their staff to use GenAI to create content as well as improve internal processes. Finally, the report reviews how media organisations are dealing with disclosure and transparency issues related to GenAI.

The research package includes:

  • 20 pages report, including insights, statistics and strategic recommendations
  • Comprehensive Excel dataset, including 71 variables for 34 media organisations in 16 countries (2,400+ data points)
  • Complimentary zip folder including all the GenAI guidelines analysed

For more details about the report click here

PMA have partnered with South 180 to provide our members with an exclusive 20% discount. To access the discount code, members should email PMA at info@publicmediaalliance.org

PMA Members can then use the code to purchase the report by clicking here

Exclusive benefits for PMA Members:

  • PMA Members benefit from a €500 (20%) price reduction by applying the PMA code during the purchase process
  • PMA Members buying the report will also be entitled to a 60-90 minute strategic consulting video call with South 180. During the call, PMA Members will be able to ask questions about the research, obtain more insights and discuss their own strategic steps regarding GenAI

Offer valid until October 15th 2023

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