Proposed licence fee amendments for public broadcasters in Japan and South Korea

Contrasting proposals made for the licence fees of two of the largest public broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific.

ABU sets up media plan for climate change & disaster risk reduction reporting

During the 2nd ABU Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, participants from more than 25 countries agreed on a new media plan to better inform the public about climate change and disaster risk reduction.

What does Pacific media need to grow? Journalists respond

Media professionals keep on discussing the role and challenges of media across the Pacific region, at the World Journalism Education Congress in New Zealand.

Pacific media at the centre of conference

Pacific media will be one of the key issue to discuss at the World Journalism Education Congress in New Zealand.

Media Groups in the Philippines seek better relationship between media and the president

Media groups wrote an editorial commenting on the relationship between the Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte and the state media, calling for better reporting, pay and protection for journalists.

Radio New Zealand CEO: we need to prioritise digital offering

We are grateful to all the speakers and delegates at #CBAGlasgow for providing great food for thought during the conference. Here are highlights from one of the keynotes

Australia takes analogue signal off the air

One of the first countries to broadcast digital TV will complete its switchover by the end of this year