A list of tools and resources for journalists, broadcasters and media organisations reporting on gender issues, and guidance on how to foster more gender-balanced newsrooms.

Public broadcasters have a responsibility to reflect the society in which they function. But they also have a role in shaping public perceptions. Reporting on gender issues sensitively while out in the field and creating content for female audiences as well as committing to equal opportunities for men and women inside the newsroom ensures that a diverse range of voices and points of view are acknowledged at every stage of the content-making process: from production, to the selection of contributors and during the editorial process.

Use the tabs below to browse useful resources and guidelines sourced from public media, non-profit and media development organisations, and media regulation bodies. PMA endeavours to update this page frequently but if you have any recommendations email: editor@publicmediaalliance.org

This list of recommended guidelines and resources has been compiled by the Public Media Alliance team. We aim to frequently update this page.

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