After the destructive flooding that afflicted Louisiana early this month, public media professionals are helping their colleagues.

Public media employees are supporting fellow colleagues through the The Colleagues Helping Colleagues (CHC) Fund, active since 2005. The fund has the aim to collect donations from public media professionals to help their fellow workers who are in difficulty because of natural disasters.

The fund has gathered around $11,000 in donations to help public media workers affected by the consequences of the recent flooding in Louisiana. The requests are mainly coming from Louisiana Public Broadcasting, said Adrew Leicht, working at the development consultancy Greater Public.

Donations are welcome anytime and Public Media Alliance stands in support of all those affected.

Head to Greater Public’s donation page for more information/ 

Header Image: Coast Guardsmen rescue stranded residents from high water during severe flooding around Baton Rouge, LA on Aug. 14, 2016 | Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Creative Commons