The ongoing court battle over digital TV migration in Kenya this week gave rise to conflicting reports that the International Telecommunications Union both had and had not granted extensions to some countries

Kenya’s Daily Nation and other outlets reported on Monday that the ITU had granted an extension to 30 African countries. However reports soon circulated quoting the ITU emphatically stating that no country would be granted an extension to the global deadline of 17 June this year.

Of 54 African countries, only Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania have already migrated.

The contradictory news emerged in the midst of ongoing legal proceedings in Kenya between three media houses, Nation Media Group, Royal Media Services and the Standard Group and the government, which shut down the analogue signal just over a week ago. The broadcasters seek an extension to the deadline and their own digital licences. The government wants them to move to either a state-owned digital platform, or Chinese-owned Pang.

This article was amended on 25 February. The headline was changed from ‘Digital transition deadline extended for 30 African countries’ and the body updated to reflect the update in information.