The French government has announced it will give funds to Radio France to help it settle old debts.

radio_france_logoFollowing an administrative order announced last Saturday, the French government will give €55 million to Radio France, by buying shares issued by the broadcaster.

The move had already been announced last year. Indeed, a spokesman from Radio France said that in June 2015 the State had decided to give €80 million to Radio France by 2019 to help “balance its account”, including “€55 million in capital funding and €25 million increase in the contribution to public broadcasting”. The public broadcaster currently has a deficit of €16.5 million.

Whether or not this contribution will result in more or less direct State interference with public broadcasting is not certain. For the time being, however, Radio France will be able to continue tightening its belt with the objective of reaching a resolved balance by 2018.

Header image: Maison de la Radio. Credits: Alexandre Prévot