Front lines and online: New podcast explores the dangers facing journalists today

30 May 2022
Episode 4 of PMA’s podcast, Media Uncovered, explores the variety of threats facing journalists, how journalists respond to these threats, and whether there are any solutions.
The #NotOK event was held at Canada House.
The #NotOK event was held at Canada House. From left to right, Isabella Higgins, Ralph E. Goodale, Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams, Kristian Porter, Hannah Storm, Catherine Tait, Margaret Evans, and Mike Wendling. Credit: Paul Glen / Canada House.

In the latest episode of PMA’s podcast, four senior media workers from some of the biggest news media organisations shared their experiences dealing with violence and abuse, both online and physical, over the course of their careers.

The episode was recorded during a special event being held in part to commemorate 100 years of public service media. The panel was hosted at Canada House in London, and was co-organised by PMA, CBC/Radio-Canada and the Canadian High Commission. In addition to the panel, Canadian High Commissioner to the UK, Ralph Goodale, President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, Catherine Tait, BBC Director-General, Tim Davie, and CEO of the Public Media Alliance, Kristian Porter, all spoke at the event.

Last year, CBC/Radio-Canada launched their #NotOK #CestAssez campaign, a public education mission to highlight the vitriol, abuse and harassment faced by journalists and media workers online.

The event and podcast marked a continuation of this campaign. It was chaired by Hannah Storm, a consultant and trainer specialising in journalist safety, and featured prominent media workers, who were able to shed light on their own experiences and how it has impacted them. On the panel was Reuters’ Global Editor of Newsroom Diversity, Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams; veteran CBC/Radio-Canada Foreign Correspondent, Margaret Evans; the Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s Europe Correspondent, Isabella Higgins; and the Editor of BBC Trending, Mike Wendling.

During the session the panel shared insights into the current level of threats, the context as to how we have arrived at this situation, and how these experiences can affect journalists and media workers. It finished by considering solutions. This final theme was also touched upon in our previous episode, which looked exclusively at digital safety.

Digital and physical safety are critical issues facing public service media and public interest media globally, and these discussions are critical to raising the awareness of the level of danger journalists face today.

Our thanks to the panellists for participating, Hannah Storm for chairing, and our co-hosts CBC/Radio-Canada and Canada House.