GBC inaugurates political broadcast, monitoring and complaints committee for 2024 elections

8th February 2024
As part of measures to ensure that all political parties receive fair and equitable coverage, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation(GBC)  has inaugurated a committee to oversee coverage of the December election. 
Header Image: Filming GBC’s Breakfast Show. Credit: Ghana Broadcasting Corporation / Facebook

This article was originally published by GBC.

As part of measures to ensure that all political parties recognised by the Electoral Commission receive fair and equitable time allocation before, during and after election 2024, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has inaugurated a Political Broadcast, Monitoring and Complaints Committee to oversee the coverage of the December General Election.

The 14-member Committee has been tasked to ensure that issues concerning the upcoming elections are factually reported. Their duty is to ensure equal airtime and coverage of political activities for all recognised political parties and presidential candidates as election 2024 draws nearer. They were also encouraged to educate reporters across the regions on, among others, what is government business and what is political campaigning to guide their reportage.

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The Director-General of GBC, Prof. Amin Alhassan, charged the Committee to extend its operations beyond the borders of the Capital, Accra.

“We shall rely on you for guidance to distinguish between political opinions and facts and ensure a fair and equitable opportunity for time allocation. Your role is critical for GBC to honour its constitutional obligations, providing equal airtime to all competing candidates, whether political party or independent,” stated Prof. Amin Alhassan.

The Committee has Mr. Thomas Broni as Chairman. Mr. Broni embraced the responsibility and assured of the Committee’s readiness to deliver on its mandate.

He promised that the Committee will be professional at all times for fairness in time sharing. He assured of their readiness to deliver on its mandate.

Full List: Members of GBC Political Broadcast, Monitoring and Complaints Committee for 2024 Elections:
  • Thomas Broni, Chairman
  • George Lomotey, Member
  • Rebecca Ekpe, Member
  • Akushika Acquaye, Member
  • Daniel Addo, Member
  • Barbara Gaisie, Member
  • Samuel Kotei-Nikoi, Member
  • Charles Tsakpo, Member
  • Stephen Klakani, Member
  • Ebenezer Aryee, Member
  • Dominic Hlodzi, Member
  • Pastor Aaron Hagan, Member
  • Mark Agodoa, Member
  • Nii Odartey Lamptey, Member