As part of our work in digital media, Public Media Alliance (PMA) with support from UNESCO are running a training workshop and online course for Caribbean journalists in partnership with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU).
Previous PMA workshop in the Caribbean. Image: Jas Chandler/PMA
Previous PMA workshop in the Caribbean. Image: Jas Chandler/PMA

Investigative Journalism in a Digital Age aims to ensure that broadcast journalists in the Caribbean stay abreast of the latest technology-driven investigative techniques, including different approaches to access information and ways for journalists to protect themselves and their sources, particularly when communicating electronically.

The workshop will be held in Kingston, Jamaica from 29th February to 2nd March 2016, and will be attended by journalists from around the English-speaking Caribbean. It will be hosted by the Creative Production and Training Centre.

The workshop will run for three-days and the curriculum will include: freedom of information, investigating the environment, information security, interview skills, and personal security.  The workshop will be followed by a five-week online course about investigative journalism in the digital age, specially designed for Caribbean media professionals and run in collaboration with the Knight Centre. The curriculum will include: advanced online search, data journalism, and computer assisted reporting.

The lead workshop facilitator is Professor Brant Houston. Prof. Houston holds the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Chair in Investigative and Enterprise Reporting at the University of Illinois. Houston teaches investigative and advanced reporting in the Department of Journalism in the College of Media at Illinois. Brant will be assisted by Steffon Campbell a Lecturer in Communication Culture and Caribbean Society, UWI.

The workshop will be opened by Dr Marcia Forbes.