KBS to take the initiative in addressing the low birthrate crisis

3rd July 2024
Korea’s leading public service media, KBS, has taken the initiative to serve as a public forum to address the low birthrate, which has emerged as a major challenge for Korean society.
The KBS logo on the side of its HQ building.
KBS is the main public broadcaster for South Korea. Credit: KBS

This press release was originally published by KBS.

KBS launched a public awareness campaign on June 29-30, 2024, to address the critical challenge of the low birthrate. The campaign involved the installation of large banners at KBS’ headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul, and at 18 regional bureaus across the country, bearing the slogan, Our Children Our Future.

KBS plans to hold a plaque ceremony on July 8, 2024 for the newly formed Task Force dedicated to addressing the issue of low birthrates. In particular, the week of July 8-11, which coincides with World Population Day, will be designated as Low Birthrate Response Broadcasting Week. During this period, programs that highlight the issue of low birthrates will be broadcast.

The week’s exclusive programming will include a three-part special live broadcast. And the flagship programs of KBS, Hometown Report and Documentary Window, will feature special episodes on the topic of low birth rates.

KBS is committed to maintaining its focus on the issue of low birth rates throughout the remainder of the year. To that end, KBS will continue to organize the Low Birthrate Response Broadcasting Week. 

The newly created Task Force will serve as the KBS’ primary unit for addressing low-birth-rate issues. Its primary objective is to foster positive national awareness of childbirth and childcare. It will be responsible for facilitating prompt decision-making and developing content for KBS concerning low birthrates.